I PAID $188 for a $1,609 Amazon Customer Returns TOYS & COLLECTIBLES Pallet + LEGO & MARVEL INSIDE!

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I do not ship items that are under $10 due to the cost of online selling fees and packaging costs on my end. Items under $10 I only sell locally in person.

Not all items shown in this video will be for sale. Some items have already been sold in my shop since pallet videos sometime have been recorded several days before being published.

When emailing me please send me a screenshot of the exact part of the video showing the quoted price of the item you are wanting to buy. Also, let me know your zip code so I can figure out shipping costs AND your email address associated with your PayPal account so I can send an invoice for payment to you.

If all above steps are not followed there is a 100% chance the item will be sold to somebody else who provided me all the information I needed in their initial email. I get hundreds of emails a day so there might not be an email response from me if all information I requested was not present.



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Hi Clint I hope you can help me as I like to try what you do in palette filliping but as I am dyslexic I have trouble finding places in my Area but would you be able to help me please I live in Ipswich town in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 my post code is IP2 ok can you help me please thanks from a big fan of your

I just found your channel and have gone on a binge, I love unboxings! Advice; NAIL GLUE, for Thor, for anything, stuff holds better than the best super glue available!.. I once nail glued a quarter to a desk in high school and said anyone who got it off could keep it. One of the jocks got his knife out and worked at it the entire class, before finally STABBING HIMSELF on accident! #NailGlue #DontTryIt

Hi Clint. Firstly, im a big fan, its fair to say im addicted!!! The pure rate you pump out your videos, and the amounts you spend are crazy !!(you must have a very forgiving wife !!). I noticed you have a great rapport with your channel subs, and have helped promote them, used their gifts in your videos, its great !!! Not many youtubers do this!!! I was wondering if you could promote my channel. I am a singer/unboxer who recently started a channel with the aim to reach 100,000 subscribers. Once I have reached this, I will start a charity in Aid of IVF/Fertility treatment… and donate 30 % of all my earnings to the charity. I will then give my viewers the chance to recommend people to give the money too. As this is about the channel and not me personally, I wear a fox mask to hide my identity so no one knows who I am. I would love a mention. My wife an I are also Foster carers in the UK, so are good people who just want to help others 😊 Thanks, Mystery Fox.

I am a reseller myself and the one thing that I really hate is how people really try to get you with the box damage. I can understand if it something bad is going to be displayed and it’s obviously noticeable taking off a few dollars but for things like the Lego set which is going to be immediately open by some kid in the box is going to be trashed that should not affect the value. Unfortunately people would dare whatever they can to save a few bucks so no matter what happens you’re going to have to take a few dollars off that’s just the way that it goes. It just really irks me because I hate when I sell something and I get that person lying to me saying a little that little dent really hurts the value. Nowadays, especially on the eBay, you have to mention every little tiny speck of dirt because people will open claims over the dumbest thing

You made a really good point with the whole Amazon and eBay different selling platform spray. Are usually go by eBay with my pricing on collectibles and stuff because that’s where a lot of those types of things sell but I always check both and see where it’s higher. Somethings are on Amazon for $50 and you go to eBay and they are 10 and the other way around. It’s kind of crazy because you were thinking of shopping but want to get the best deal and look around until they found it but it turns out that something or just don’t use Amazon or don’t use eBay and they end up losing a lot of money that way sometime

Hey Clint Love watching your YouTube channel videos. I've learned a lot from them would love to know where you buy most of your LOT'S from there in Indiana? Do you have any advice on where I can find a reputable liquidation company that's close to my area here in Oklahoma? I'd like to save on shipping and I'm getting really frustrated trying to find something? I'm a newbie in the reseller world and don't have a lot of money to waste on some badd bundles. Also would love to know what your wife's YouTube channel name is? Thanks for all your help

hi.query..your opinion..l have buried in plastic containers stored in a shed here at home factory sealed Lord of the Rings figurines and multiple sets…boxes aren't damaged but alas the plastic windows have gone slightly yellow..will that drop the worth of the figurines..?? these sets are from when the movies first came out at cinemas..I've got about three large containers full..

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