I+MANIFESTO / Olivera Drazic on establishing fair & free trade conditions for the aluminium industry

Distortive government support and excess capacity in both the upstream and downstream aluminium sectors are destroying fair competition and depressing prices. It is critical to improve trade rules and restore normal market functions so that all producers, wherever they exist geographically or in the aluminium value chain, are able to compete under conditions of fairness and transparency.

Governments and international organisations need to address state-subsidised excess capacity in China, both for primary and semifabricated aluminium.

The EU should request that its trade partners comply with the Paris Agreement and make climate change policies conditional to any new trade deal.

The WTO rules should be reformed to protect the multilateral trade system through three levers: introduce more transparency; create and review rules and disciplines; ensure better enforcement mechanism.

Trade relations between the EU and the UK should be maintained after Brexit without barriers and disintegrating value chains. When developing its trade policy towards third country trading partners, the UK should foster a fair trading environment and implement equivalent rules for trade in goods as in the EU.

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