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I’m posting this video to promote what I think is the best website on the internet. I have been on Livejournal for over 15 years and still use it today. It is a journal or blog site where you can write about your day, add photos and videos to help tell your story. LJ has been around long before the major social media sites like facebook, twitter and instagram. In fact it was around before the word social media. And unlike these places or even unlike youtube the social factor is what is best done on this site. It’s not for twitter users that can’t write more than two lines of info. It is a place for people that can write a long paragraph or more. It’s also for people that enjoy reading more than just lame twitter blurbs. For LJ to work you need both writers and readers. But what I value most is good comments as I value them here. Though youtube is undermining that LJ is the one place where you can talk to your friends and write long comments in message board style. It’s also a good place for us pet keepers, gardeners or scientists because we can log our data and keep track of cycles. It is a journal after all. A diary. Unlike those other sites I have mentioned what is nice is no two journals have to look a like as there are many layouts where you can pick several styles or change your colors, titles, links etc and stand out. Youtube used to have custom layouts where you could add full backgrounds, colors etc but now we’re all the same and uniform with these ugly plain white layouts, friends list was done away with as was the ability to private message. Sadly LJ is not as active as it once was because of the bigger social media platforms. But people there don’t know what they are missing. I have good friends on LJ, but I could use some new ones and more activities in my comment section. My link is
and there should be a link at the top where you can register.

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