Keiser Report: If you can’t stand the heat (E1431)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the latest study demonstrating that it is fracking alone that has caused a huge surge in methane emissions, not industrial farming, which had been blamed by some in the media. They also react to the news of the US wanting to buy Greenland, and what the idea means in the larger geo-economic picture. In the second half, Max interviews independent journalist JP Sottile about his latest article for about the carbon feedback loop driving the US military machine. The military is used to secure oil resources that are heating up the planet, which is causing climate instability and creating a further demand, they say, for further military deployments.

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Max believes in the man made climate crisis hoax? Oh dear. Actually, the temperatures are not rising faster than expected and, even if they were, it would have very little to do with mankind's activity. Think about it, CO2 forms 0.04% of the atmosphere and about 3% of that 0.04% is man made. Such a tiny amount. If they succeed in forcing ordinary people (not the elites of course) to live like peasants again in order to reduce our CO2, it won't make any difference to the climate at all. Even if the hoax is true, man made CO2 won't be reduced anyway because of it will increasingly come from China and India. Max supports the EU thogh so I'm not surprised he also promotes the man made climate crisis hoax.

When people do both-siderism between right and the left or Obama vs. trump, they just reveal how ignorant they are and how their simplistic minds are incapable of complex thought and objective analysis. It's one thing to say, establishment Democrats including Obama have also failed the people with some of their policies or their weaknesses, but to claim they're exactly the same as people on the right is ludicrous.

All right I look the other way with your Bitcoin propaganda, But you are idiots for pushing main stream global warming. The odds are better for an ice age if you look at real facts.

Like your shows. Carbon is plant food and the Amazon rainforest is carbon neutral. And solar cycles run earth's climate change. The Grand solar minimum is ALREADY underway! Research it you will find it to be true.

Trump says things so that the media look at stuff the Deep State don't want them to. Nuking hurricanes makes ppl look at geo-engineering and chemtrails, and buying Greenland makes ppl Google operation iceworm.

Pound the "thumbs up" button even if the count number does not go up visibly for us, it goes up in the background.
Shame on you YouTube.
I will not miss you when a new and better version will emerge.

Geoengineering (planes spraying heavy metals and polymers) has been ongoing for at least 60 years now. There are not too many people for planet earth; there are too many willfully STUPID people. And nature hasnt weaponized ticks, the CIA has.

According to provincials, Stacy & Max(Stax), anyone who walks by a dead body is the murderer.
Attributing "global warming" to anything man made is the same thing. One volcano eruption contributes more to "global warming" than all the so called contributions to G.W. by man, including fracking..
Climate change is part of this planetary process. Apparently these two provincials haven't read the memo yet. They're too eagerly wrapped in rapacious eagerness to running around spreading the oligarchic globalist taxation scheme fiction of man made global warming. Bravo Stax!!!

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