Life Is Worth Losing – Dumb Americans – George Carlin

From HBO Life Is Worth Losing.


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No matter how many days go by, George Carlin's still beating everyone's head with the truth they refuse to see.
Mr. Carlin will always be relevant throughout history of the now, then and the future. He should be in the history books.

I may be a religious man, but I can't pretend like at the absolute least 90% of what he's saying isn't true, because it is, America is saturated with language censorship, dull intelligence, falsehood and needless consumerism, and to top that all off, we're actually buying into it like it's going out of style.

Companies literally sell poison in food shape and we just eat that shit right the fuck up.. No questions asked… Not just fast food… ALL food… All of it… Is modified to be able to withstand being sprayed with poison…. They do this by modifying the seed… By putting poison right into the genetics of the plant… Just like to keep us safe from the flu they give us the flu… Same idea… We eat that shit up and wounder why we're all fat, sick, stupid and tired all the time….

He’s truly missed along with
Richard Pryor, Robin Harris, Red Foxx, Sam Kinison, Sam Smith,
Dick Gregory, Bernie Mac. Just a few classic comedians that the world should continue to tune into if they value the truth.

Right! A quick P.SA. those comedians aren’t mean’t for an audience that are conditioned or desire censorship and coddling. ✌🏿

Watching George Carlin in the mid 70's vastly differs in his bit, you can tell in his final years he's upset at what's happened to America, but at the same it gave him a load of observable material. Comedic mystic of a man.

LIFE DEAL- You're all ruled by the elite and there's no hope for anyone because life is pointless, you'll all work until you die and be at the mercy of the people in power lol enjoy!

Dear George, I used to think you were funny, and then I woke up…Are you capable of anything other than cheap insults? Genius my ass, hes just a fucking asshole who says some shit that makes egotistical fucks revere in their own perceived greatness. Fuck you, George Carlin. You're not funny and the people who think you are, are also assholes.

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