Lithium Stocks Are Good Now – Not Last Year – Albemarle Stock Analysis

Lithium Stocks Are Good Now – Not Last Year – Albemarle Stock Analysis
Lithium Battery Stocks have been the darling of the stock market in 2017. However, now lithium mining stocks like Albemarle (NYSE: ALB) seem hated. The best time for a value investor to look into the lithium battery mining stock sector.

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I was watching this stock for a couple of months waiting for a dividend entry yield of 2.5% then I will buy a nice position for dividend growth investing.

In July 1979 president Jimmy Carter proposed a radical idea. To create a government agency to issue US government bonds to pay for a specific purpose at the time increasing domestic oil production. Unfortunately this never happened but that would have been a US government bond worth buying. Today when you buy into US government bonds your only funding a big government that is an overall failure promising a return on investment lower than keeping up with inflation. This was a big missed oportunity to make the US bond market a worth while investment. At the cost of 100 million dollars the army Corp of engineers constructed Taylorsville lake a long time ago in Kentucky. That was a project clearly worth financing. Today the lake is a flourishing and a booming economy. If only government bonds could be issued for the government to carry out specific tasks like building man made lakes. But today when you buy a US bond your only financing a big government that is a terrible investment. The US government bond market needs to be overhauled. Specific tasks need to be issued bonds to finance doing specific things worthy of investment. We don't have that right now.

Great video Sven.
If your the type of person who wants to invest in the next big thing, then just buy any old lithium stock perhaps. But, if your the type of person who wants to invest in good, well managed companies that just happen to make their money producing lithium then I highly recommend Sven’s Investment Platform.

ALB was my biggest disappointment from investing in my entire live. I have bought it when it was 131-136 and actually it was bright in 2017. And after was 2018 and the company had big problems with Chile government. And i closed ALB something 100-102. And it was big stake. Now I find it very difficult to even look at the position of that company. So, i think it's still risky because of Chile government impact on the stock.

P.S. And i've bought a little bit GSH. And it is stagnating on the same lvl. May be it's very long idea. But still.

What was/has been very unpopular will be the shining stars in the years to come. Commodities. I am loaded on GDXJ. Best stocks to own long term are FB,TWLO,TTD,ISRG,TEAM and OKTA. Gluck all

I know Sven likes constructive comments, but the elephant in the room … also, I like this pick even though I'm not conveinced lithium demand will outgrow the supply so a lithium boom is speculative to me (although as usual, Sven is mostly factoring that as an upside bonus)

I'd wait for ALB to fall some more. Tesla is currently having a hard time selling it's electric cars in California in what they say is a good economy so image what the demand will be in a recession. Sven was right when he said take a look at First Magestic Silver when that was trading at $6 a share 3 or 4 months ago. Now that stock is at $10 and might be climbing to $17 as the Fed continues to cut rates to near zero.

Albemarle is the only Lithium company with fully integrated diversified world class assets in stable regulatory environments that also has a proven operating history and a great balance sheet. It's buisness is also the least volatile because of their utilization of long term contracts and because of their mature oligopolistic catalysts and bromine businesses. More adventurous investors seeking higher return can take a look at juniors like Piedmont Lithium but for the risk adverse value investor that just wants to take advantage of the Lithium trend Albemarle is company to buy.

Long Albemarle at the lovely price of $72.5 per share

"New high-capacity sodium-ion could replace lithium in rechargeable batteries"

"Argonne Settles On Two Most Promising Successors To Lithium Ion Battery"

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