Long Hair to Short Bob Hairstyles and Haircut

Long Hair to Short Bob Hairstyles and Haircut
We so much thank you for watching our videos. We value our clients and our viewers and look forward in making many more to come. Videos for those that are older than 60, older than 50 and those who are in the wonderful 40’s. Thanks again for watching Boys and Girls Hairstyles.

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RaDona’s videos are specifically for those that are wanting to learn how to cut hair, learn new skills as a hair stylist and to be able to show your own hair stylist, the hairstyle and cut you would like.


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Happy Holidays RaDona, you are looking fabulous and cute in this video. I like your cool and neat looking hairstyle and your earrings.
You look great!! I also like the rustic cinnamon and grayish blue color window shutters you have covering your windows behind you, the shutters are very nice looking. Anyway, I enjoy watching you styling hair, it's very relaxing. Happy and safe Holidays to you RaDona and everyone else reading this. 🙂 Suzanne

Möchte noch etwas über Ihr Outfit sagen. Am besten gefallen hat mir das Outfit mit der Patchworkbluse und natürlich das Make up dazu . Der Lippenstift Fingernägel und das Top dazu waren sehr harmonisch und chic. Die anderen Outfits haben mir auch sehr gut gefallen ,und ich meine auch, dass alles zusammen passen muss. Sehr gut gewählt.

It's my favorite haircut💖💇🏼‍♀️Michel looking very cute!!! 👍Dear Radonna! Your manicure as always very beautiful!!!!!!!!!! 💅MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!! 🎅🎉🥳❄️🎄🎁💃Best wishes from Russia Moscow!!! 👋

WOW! That was fun !!! Great cut! Holy thick hair!!! This woman looks fabulous! Gorgeous color also! (You’re going to get a lot of Referals when people see this cut! I love it!

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