Mavic Mini: How to take Perfect Video & Pictures

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How to get great, cinematic video and beautiful pictures on your Mavic Mini. I show you how to get proper exposure and make sure your video is not too dark or bright, and how to use AE Aperture Exposure Lock, the EV Exposure Value, the exposure histogram and using polarizer ND filters from Freewell. I go through all the adjustments you can make to the Mavic Mini camera, gimbal and app to make sure your video is cinematic, smooth and perfectly exposed.

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Shot in 4K and 2.7Kk; uploaded in 2.7K.
Happy flying guys…. Ian


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Ha ha. I've been following you for nearly a year now. There was a small clue in one of your videos i watched today where it suddenly dawned on me that I know and had previously worked with your other half. I DM'd them today. The garden, the dogs, the wonderful rural setting. It all made sense. It's a small world. Great channel. Top quality videos and very informative.

I’ve been playing with ND filters for a few weeks, if you enable Subtitles in the App you can view ISO and shutter speed. Fortunately the Mini tends to hold ISO 100 when filters are fitted, on a sunny winters day in the UK I’m using a ND16 and getting 50 – 60 shutter speeds when flying away from the sun.

Ian, I know sod all about photograpy but with your excellent helpful videos there is no doubt in my mind that one day I might even make the grade. This is a really useful video and thank you for taking the trouble to share your knowledge. Kind regards – David.

Great information Ian, mine is still in the box, lol, too cold for me at at the moment! But spring is just around the corner hopefully!
Do those filters put it above the 250 gms? Mine weighs in at 248 gms on slater digital scales! Just a thought.
Keep them coming! 👍

Thanks Ian another great video. This will really help me take better video's. I love waterfall shots so will have to add a filter set to my kit 😊😊 👍👍 Keep the videos coming.

Great information. One of my best tips is to plan the flight just as anyone in a fixed wing piloted flight would do. If you have an idea of what shots you want and movements, you can think more on composure.

I keep on considering selling my mini after getting the 2pro but after a quick flight in calmer conditions you remember quite how massively capable this "toy" is. Glad you're still sticking with yours despite the wind issues.

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