Mens Haircut By RaDona at Boys and Girls Hairstyles

Mens Haircut By RaDona at Boys and Girls Hairstyles
We so much thank you for watching our videos. We value our clients and our viewers and look forward in making many more to come. Videos for those that are older than 70, older than 60, older than 50 and those who are in the wonderful 40’s. Thanks again for watching Boys and Girls Hairstyles.

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RaDona’s videos are specifically for those that are wanting to learn how to cut hair, learn new skills as a hair stylist and to be able to show your own hair stylist, the hairstyle and cut you would like.


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Thank you for this video! I would love in depth video about cowlicks, I usually take the #3 all the way to the crown and take the cowlick off, but sometimes it doesn’t always work. Cowlicks in the front are also such a pain

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