MGTOW & Love Dolls Can Save The West

MGTOW & Love Dolls Can Save The West

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H.R. 4655 (115th): CREEPER Act of 2017

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation Ricky the owner of the guy who runs the San Antonio Doll House website and he’s also one of my sponsors. I put a link to his channel in the description. He requested a video so here’s what he has to say and I quote: “Dear Sandman, I hope to help one day expand The Doll House to be THE major brand name in an emerging industry selling dolls and robots. Yes, I know there are big contenders in the ring, but my goal is to be to lover dolls what Starbuck’s is to coffee. If that sounds silly, I implore you to reconsider its possibility. Afterall we are now living in clown world. Anything is possible. If I fail I will still have done good for men everywhere in the process of failing. I believe that MGTOW and dolls can save the west. Dolls and MGTOW can improve men’s sexual marketplace value by making them scarce. We can bring down women’s overinflated sexual marketplace value by giving them some silicone competition. Then certain men who want families can go back to the plantation, but with Authority. Certain laws need to be changed first, of course. A civilization with men that are 100 percent MGTOW dies. I don’t want that. I want our society to grow, not die. On a separate note, anonymity is a major concern in the mgtow community. People have seen my face and know who I am. Do you believe that it is possible to remain completely anonymous as a C.E.O. of a large business in an industry? What are your honest criticisms of doxxing myself? What do you think of my approach to normalizing dolls for men by showing my face? What am I doing well in my quest to achieve all the goals i’ve mentioned? What could I do better to achieve this goal and stand out from other doll vendors? One day I believe that dolls will be just as normal as online dating. Not so long ago, you were weird, or a loser for meeting people online. This is not the case today. Almost anyone can say they use Tinder without fear of criticism because hookup culture is normal. Today, men fear their friends and family will find out about their dolls. Surprisingly, I used to be ashamed to talk about my business, but more and more, I find that my friends and family are very accepting and encouraging. I’m not shamed the way I thought I would be. One day, I want men to be able to post their doll and cool customizations online to show off to the world without much criticism. I think this is very possible if dolls aren’t banned first. Childlike sex dolls are already becoming illegal in Florida and Kentucky soon. Next, they will be illegal in the United States if the
CREEPER act is passed. I’ve attached a link to that with my message. Dolls in general could possibly be banned altogether as they are already illegal in countries who have lost their pimp hand.

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i need to apologize for a somewhat neg comment i made awhile ago, i was having bad day .. you were correct,, .. ty .. Cheers
i deleted comment …

Little girl dolls have been shown to stop most pedophiles from attacking kids. Pedophiles have been shown to have some form of mental development problem that draws them to children. Using a childlike doll to replace real children has shown to stop pedophiles from offending/reoffending.

I read this from somewhere, a long time ago. I wish I could remember the source.

Ricky, here are some sure fire wins for dolls

– Zero suit samus
– Zelda (my personal favorite)
– Laura Croft for sure
– Slave Rey
– Daphne from scooby doo
– Anna from frozen?
– 100s of Anime girls to choose
– Mrs Robinson 😫 from meet the Robinson’s (seriously look up the orchestra scene)

I could go on

Funny how one of the sponsors is a guy who wrote a guide to retiring in SE Asia. I thought the whole idea was to get away from women troubles…not jump into them. Your retirement can go along way down there. And the women that see you will see that and want it…and/or a visa to the US or AUS, etc. So I guess they get to ride the carousel too, with you as the horsey. That is the only reason for going to those places…its not like we have any cultural or linguistic similarities when it gets down to it. You a p hunter and they a gold digger. Now you may get lucky and find a nice conservative traditional woman to marry. It can happen, but if you are old…forget it. All the women your age are married or will not remarry (if divorced or widowed) for cultural reasons, and the young ones, well….I just said what they want. Now, if you did happen to find a good young one, well I can tell you that that Asian princess streak runs through all of them (young and old)…you will be trading in western feminism for domination..they will run your a$% ragged. Dont believe me about the princess stuff and always wanting more/ better…go to a nail salon and look at the cars in the parking lot near closing…or at the churches here….nothing but Benz, Lexus, etc. Just saying guys…Hen gap lai and Tam Biet…

Let explain somthing to you. You do not need to walk away from women. I have been with the same women for 13 years. There have been hard time for the relationship but it's one billion times better to have her than not to have her. You have to find the right women. I looked for a women who was equal to me in looks not some beauty queen arm award. Stop being shallow. Having a women who loves you even if she ain't a goddess is wonderful. Get over your spoiled selves you aren't that great your self.

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