Morning Rituals of an Entrepreneur

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I believe your day as an entrepreneur is a pure reflection of your morning rituals. How you start your day will determine the type of day you’re going to end up having.

A lot of people ask me, “Pat, I want to know how your day starts. What do you do in the morning? What time do you wake up. What time do you do this? What time do you do that?”

In this video, I’ll share with you exactly what I do in the morning, and I’ll also cover the morning rituals of some other entrepreneurs that I respect.

Gary Vee — 1:55

Tony Robbins — 2:10

Zuckerberg – 3:40

Jack Dorsey – 4:03

Richard Branson – 4:12

Simon Cowell – 4:39

Tory Burch – 5:03

My Personal Morning Routine – 5:23

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My new improved morning ritual. I get up between 430-445, read until 5 or 515. Go to the bathroom and drink water. This helps to refresh me and get ready for the day. At 5am I text a good morning text to let them know it's time to get up. I also prepare my lunch and breakfast and I'm off to work with a book to read on the morning commute.

please tell you father exactly how you feel when he comments on your appearance. there are as many reasons why people gain weight as there are people and appearance doesn't necessarily get you into God's graces. no body shaming for me anymore. I've dealt with abuse too.

Mark Zuckerberg really doesn't work. He didn't invent Facebook. All he does is go in and put the fear of God into people. So his boring ritual does not count. Being as he did not create Facebook

Although I don't do cryotherapy I do take extremely cold showers after I workout following the Wim Hoff method and boy does it work! highly recommend people to make a habit out of it, so many mental benefits to aside from easing muscle sourness.

God bless you and your family. i am a 54year young OLD FART, i had allowed circumstances to crush my dream in July 2017 with bad health resulting in me losing it all – job/home/desire to live! You have reminded me of my purpose here on earth. Thank you for your passion and drive and sharing with us, you have no idea what this has ment to me today !!!

hey man I feel good watching your videos. I use to wake up early every morning for high school and my brother would say "what the fuck? why do you even wake up at that time what do you even do?" well it was obvious you have so much time in the morning it's not even funny. you don't rush to school and you can even use the restoom without even being disturbed or having to use the school bathroom which in fact are horrible bathrooms. I use to wake up at 4:45 aswell but I can't do it anymore because I have sleeping issues now but I'm gonna try to go back to my old schedule because it was an awesome powerful schedule to have. it also helped me lose wsight so because I'm watching your videos now I'm gonna force myself to go back to my old ways. last two months of high school and I will be graduating. I will not become an entrepreneur but still your videos motivate me thank you so much !

I wake up before my kids, drink the same smoothie every morning, and pray, meditate, thank God. Without my ritual I am CRABBY with my kids. I also set my intentions for the day. Wish I had Tony Robbins' water tank, cold showers will have to do the trick for now.

I find news kind of a double edged weapon, informative, but depressing if you don't know how to handle them. Thanks always to PBD and his team for their great content!

Gotta disagree with the breakfast part, or at least the implication.

Been eating at around 12pm and 6pm for the last 7 years and it's given me some of the best results I've ever seen.

The 6 to 8 small meals a day from start to sleep, in my opinion has always been a marketing scheme.

You know this guy puts out a lot of content but what I've been seeing is it seems like all these motivational speakers they just piggyback from each other and in the end I mean what real value do they provide you with starting your own business yes it's good to have a pep talk but in the end unless they tell you how to start a business it's pretty much worthless I mean they're very vague even when they talk about their company. And in the end they all say the same the worth I don't know a hundred million or billion dollars or are know how much net worth they say but does that make sense if you were a hundred million dollar business entrepreneur would you waste your time on YouTube putting these motivational speaks on just some doesn't sit right with me. Im calling b.s on most of this guys.

I mean if you have a 100 million dollar company or whatever, you'd be too busy a running it be traveling or C Bean with high price call girls, you wouldn't be wasting time uploading and editing videos for hours and providing different content on YouTube.

no idea why, but this video can not be shared on FB no matter how I try to share it I get errors from FB and I share all your other videos I watch into my #Grind group on FB for my fellow entrepreneurs etc. anyway, just thought I'd mention this as it seems odd only this video won't let me share. could be something on my end though so who knows

It's a real shame you had to throw in that intellectual property stealing Rothschild minion Zuckerberg. I guess you don't know about his family lineage. He and that Theanos chic are the spawn of elitist families that want to enslave all of us. Those kinda people should never ever be put on any kind of pedestal whatsoever. Jack Dorsey too? Jeeze man. Research these people before you use them in your material.

Dam I am 37 going to 38 and
I’ve done so little and knowing that I have less then have of the life that I had lived left make me wonder of the waist of life that I have done

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