myNode: How To Run A Bitcoin Node – Parts, Assembly and Software Installation


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Parts list (my higher-end version)
Raspberry Pi 4
Pi 4 Case with power & fan
MicroSD card (32GB)
WD Solid State hard drive 1TB
Hard Drive Enclosure
Ethernet cable

Balena Etcher (for flashing myNode OS to your MicroSD card)


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I might be asking the dumbest question, but I'm a newbie and just want a simple answer. This is like owning a master node correct. And if so, I assume I'll be earning some BTC, of course this is different and has nothing to do with mining, I would just be facilitating transactions on the network and getting a small cut correct….Thanks in advance for any response.

A sad thing that the BitcoinCore that is running on myNode does not contribute to the network.
It is not accepting incoming nodes.
Of course you change these settings ( listen=1 and upnp=1 ) in bitcoin.conf
but I think it should be turned on by default so we all add to the network and strengthen it

setting up raspberry pi is fairly trivial. generally, it's burning an image to a microsd card regardless of which operating system you choose. but, once you boot it up, that's when things are different.
would be interested in further info on what mynode features there are and delving into what it can do. does the 1tb fill up over time or maintain a general size? can you use proxies? how would tor impact the relative speed versus just using a vpn? can you use both tor & vpn – and if so, which one first? openvpn or built-in app? remote login? what are use cases and configuration with mobile or desktop in things like electrum or samurai, etc.
what can you do with the command line interface? network speeds? do you need to open up certain ports? many questions like these pop up learning more about it to see whether it's sonething i'd jump into. 🤔

Raspberry pi 4B for sure! if you would like to use a lot of apps installed on myNode.
1SSD Samsung QVO as SSD recommendation.
Original supply for RPI 4B (5.1V / 3.0A DC output)

Excellent video. I just wish that video's explaining how put kit together was this easy. I have got a lightning mode sitting here for some time and not found a video which I could look at to install the thing successfully my self. All I've been told is download a zap bitcoin lightning Wallet.

its weird how this quality channel gets less hits that shitty price analysis from people who have no fucking clue what they are talking about… I really appreciate BTC sessions and other HIGH QUALITY creators…

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