MyPillow Premium Pillow Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

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You’re watching staff reviewer and editor Katie Golde.

Right off the bat, I want to mention there are multiple MyPillow pillows to choose from. In this review, I’ve focused on the MyPillow Premium pillow.

After answering a set of questions on the MyPillow site, the brand recommended that I get a White pillow, which is the medium firmness option. So, that’s what I’ll be reviewing in this video!

Here are some more details on the pillow:

– Comes in two sizes: Standard and King
– Standard dimensions: S/Queen – 16.5 ” x 26″ + 2″
– Cover: 100% cotton
– Filling: chunks of memory foam (polyurethane foam)
– Price varies, but expect to pay around $60-$80 full price

The deal is that you choose your pillow size, as well as your Fill Level when you buy the pillow.

You can use their guide to decide which level is right for you and it comes in Yellow, White, Green, and Blue and goes from least firm (Yellow) to most firm (Blue).

The entire pillow is machine washable and dryable.

As a back and side sleeper, I did find the MyPillow premium pillow in the medium fill to be a good fit for back sleeping. However, when I moved to my side, I really felt that lumpy texture from the big chunks of memory foam inside the pillow filling. The thin cotton cover just can’t smooth out that filling.

Based on the very simple nature of the construction and pillow materials, and the fact that there are really no special features or new technology or innovation added to the pillow, I believe it’s priced higher than it needs to be. There are many comparable shredded memory foam pillows with cotton covers out there for less money.

I know that MyPillow has a big fan following and my opinions may not be agreeable with everyone – but that’s my take on the MyPillow Premium pillow!

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Howdy katy!! ooooo Guinness world record pillow fight?? cooool fact!
I currently sleep with 4 pillows lol people say it means i feel lonely 😫😂🤷🏽‍♀️
100% cotton and chunks of memory foam, woah 😍
26 inches long, nice! I like medium firmness and the 10 year warranty is a plus!
Pick fill choice, yellow is the least firm hmmm i like it medium but love a good plush pillow. I do love the support, how breathable it is and how easy it is to clean.
My pillow premium sounds nice so far, and the lumpy part throws me off a bit but I’m sure it’s still comfy and for $59.99 that’s not too bad!
Throwing it in the dryer once or twice a week to get back the fluff is good advice, thanks Katy!!
Oh man i should wash my pillow every 4 months, gotta keep that up!

I only like sleeping on one pillow, as i think stacking pillows are uncomfortable, they keep moving around all night. I’m a strict side sleeper and need a firmer pillow with a high loft but Mypillow suggested the medium for me. I guess i will have to try one out since i have bad neck pains every morning and searching for the perfect pillow. I tried over 30 pillows and still looking for a perfect match. Mypillow might be the one🤞🏼great video, very informative

I have been wondering about these pillows for awhile now and this review has been the best in terms of letting you know the cons about them, and how for heavier side sleepers this would not be good. I now know I do not want to spend the amount of money they ask for these to try one. Thank you very much.

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