Narrated D&D Story: How The Bard Discovered The True Cost Of Being Immortalized In Song

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The transcendence of a mortal soul to the realm of the gods, to the realm of divinity…

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Truly that is what a Bard is.

I would say they would take their honor among the Nameless Bard of Pool of Radiance/Curse of the Azure Bonds history, but no one will remember them in a year anyway. Accept the history that has been carved, perhaps they will, or not, I cannot say. Only the party can.

Ok so I dont know why but the thought of people rallying together through a song just seems so cool like imagine that the whole party is facing off against the bbeg and they are getting beaten badly and they are on the verge of giving up and then the character that is the POV of this story (forgot thier role) just starts singing the ballad that they wrote for her and then the rest of the party joins in and wins through the power of friendship

Like I'm imagining the episode of the magicians where they sing under pressue

I think I hate the deck of many thing cause that just hate or loves you and at first it was good at lvl 1 got the sun later on I got the key and the knight looked good for me I was a evil wizard so turned into the BBG in the campaign I loved it but it did give me one big advantage as the bad guy after rising a army of bandits and 2 dragons a war was about to begin but when a fight between my army named the black knight my guy how was a warforge named pants was at a castle waiting for the adventurers to arrive my flag was just a thing of pants and I was there with my knight and a warlock we were wait me thinking it would be a good idea to draw a card form the deck was going to use it on my army and me witch could kill me and my army but by the gods I got one card that would destroy it all balance change alignment on a army and me how were chaotic evil turned lawful good we had every advantage and one card made a war that had just begun stopped and the party how wanted to kill me cause I keep trying to kill them had stopped and I made a alliance between are kingdoms now the kingdom of pants and it’s people live in peace and this was a game that ended a little bit ago and I laughed so hard when that happened but now I hope we can continue the story cause it was fun and I hope you enjoyed this story

@All Things DND Reminds me of when I DMed a custom world of mine and the look on my player's face when he read the letter that I wrote. Here is the story;

Some Background; This was set in a custom world. In this world adventuring was a good career path, you could make lots of gold and there was a large town dedicated to housing and helping these adventures. Many of the local lords came to the town to give quests and pay out their rewards. Our adventuring group started here and had been working on several quests. They started as 3, a Human Fighter (Champion) named Chad, an Elf Cleric (Knowledge Domain) named Sayor, and a Halfling Fighter (Elderich Knight) named Lettel, and were soon met with a Half-Orc Barbarian (Path of the Berserker) named Feng. (I was the DM,) They had been fighting an gaining recognition from other groups and nobles for their heroic undertakings. They had made a good name for themselves after purging an area of Drow influence that were getting a little too close to invading and setting up on the surface. They were gifted land and set up a hall for themselves to receive requests to them personally. Avoiding some of the fees included with going into the adventuring town, they started getting a lot of requests from people who couldn't particularly afford to go threw the adventuring town.
One day, a request that came in that Lettel couldn't ignore. It was from his estranged step-father Orwin. A dwarven miner who had a reputation for being a drunkered that came into money after Lettel's biological mother had disappeared. At the request of Lettel the group packed up and headed for the Dwarven capital to look for his step-father. They arrived and while the rest of the group went to get supplies and rent a room at the inn, Lettel headed straight for the mines. The shift was still inside working hard to mine gold, ores and gems. Lettel didn't mind waiting until Orwin was done. The Halfling waited for him, and when Orwin emerged from his shift he confronted him. Orwin did only have one thing going for him, he would stay sober for work. He instantly recognized his step-son and walked over to him to greet him. It was awkward for him as he didn't know what to say to Lettel. They walked in silence to Orwin's home, running into the group on the way joining Lettel. Orwin had sent the request hoping that his step-son would come. That he could at least talk with him and tell him about the day his mother disappeared.
Orwin explained; "There was a registry going around in that day where all the halflings had to attend. Lettel was allowed to stay behind as they thought that he was a newborn Dwarf and I didn't really feel like correcting them. The registry existed because the giants of the mountain attacked a few of the Halfling Villages, we took them in and welcomed them. That's how I met your mother, covered in dirt from the mines as the boys and I sat at the Deep Drink. She was serving the mead and I fell in love. You, my boy, were just an added bonus. I had a family and truly felt like a Dwarf of Significance. I never saw her after the day of the registry. The day it just became you and me."
Lettel was silent, he never knew that his step-father actually cared for him. His life growing up had been rough and hard. Almost as if Orwin hated him, Lettel left the house after hearing this and the rest of the group soon followed. They searched the town for the registry of the halflings and discovered that they were taken to an outpost further in the mountains. Lettel, hoping that his mother might still be there begged the party to leave as soon as they could. They traveled the mountain paths until they came across the settlement and were attacked by Duergar that had taken over. There wasn't any signs of struggle here, no corpses, no blood. So how did the Duergar take this place? They investigated further and ran into two Grimlocks. The fight went on and soon the Grimlocks had reinforcements the party was able to take them down and finding evidence that this place was a lair for some Mind Flayers. They found documents here for the purchase of 'peoples' from the Dwarven capital in exchange for peace. Things were falling into place for Lettel, but no, they couldn't have? Was the purchase from the Dwarven capital and the Halfling Registry the same thing? Lettel was angry, but still had doubts. There was a path leading deeper, leading into the Underdark. The path before them was laid with traps and other Mind Flayer slaves to protect their Masters. After fighting through they came upon the Mind Flayer himself. A fight broke out with the Mind Flayer and it's personal Shield Guardian and after Chad nearly had his brain eaten they slay them both. With the threat of the Mind Flayer gone the party takes a well deserved short-rest before continuing on. They here commotion further on in the tunnels, Lettel realizing the sound of spells being slung. They arrive to find a dead Mind Flayer and a small Mage with a Mind Flayer Skull covering her face. She turned and looked at the party, and yelled "No! More have come!" Attacking the party that was caught off guard. "They came to eat me, but I'll eat them!" She kept shouting as she flung spells and curses at the party. They had no choice but to defend themselves, until Feng struck the killing blow, severing her head from her body. Lettel felt like he had swallowed a lead brick, hoping beyond hope that this wasn't the person he thought it was. The party looked through her belongings and found a letter. Lettel shaking tears welling up in his eyes as he opened it and read;
'My dear sweet boy, how precious you were in my arms when your father and I looked upon your face. I felt overjoyed after the giants that had taken my previous home that I had found such a man like your father, Orwin. We were deeply in love and the registry is a must for our people. I wanted to write you so that you would know about my journey, so that you can understand why I left you for a few days while you were younger.
We are a day away from the settlement now, the mountain view is beautiful. I am going to bring you here one day when you are stronger just for the view. We are setting up camp, I'll write early tomorrow I can't wait to be at the end of this journey and back to you.
We were woken harshly this morning, just have enough time to write down some words.
A Mind Flayer is here! What is this?
DAMN YOU ORWIN! 250 gold!? I hope you choke on each piece.
Its been a year, I forgot I had this. This is my solace, writing to a son I don't know if I'll ever see again.
30? How many more of use will there be dead. They eat their brains then toss the corpse aside we live in their graves!
No more no more no more no more!
Magic? Only 20 remain, die you Illithid!
Nothing left to eat… except….
They have no power! I… eat… I… win
They…. Won't…. Eat… ME!
I eat them…
The rest of the page is filled with I eat them some of the page at the bottom ripped off from the force she applied to the quill. Lettel crumpled the letter and tossed it to the ground. Heading to leave the others looked at him and asked. "Going?"
He replied, "I'm going to have a chat, with father."
Lettel returned to his father's residence and waited once Orwin got home, Lettel grabbed his beard and took off his head.

Nice story though would I do that with my characters – no. I understand the power of wish, resurrection and reincarnation. Kirk does not believe in no win situation and I don’t believe in any action that can’t be undone in a Magic world.

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