Nobles and Hasagis… is that Gonna Work?! | TFT | Teamfight Tactics | League of Legends Auto Chess

Disguised Toast decides to go for Nobles and Hasagis as he calls it. Will it work out? Will Yasuo deliver? Enjoy some more TFT gameplay from our favorite breadboi.

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'Have you every watched Hentai before?'
Toast, instantly: Yes. I especially like the fantasy ones, with elves and ogres…and a bit of a storyline.

I FEEL YOU MATE feel free to recommend me some

only issue i see with SO many streamers they jsut hold SO MUCH DAMN GOLD its stupid and they wonder why all of a sudden they are losing its because YOU ARE HOLDING YOUR LEAD AND NOT SPENDING IT

Here's an interesting combo:
Noble Knights. Won twice. Never did the full Nobles. RNG won't let me get Kayle.

Just get all the nobles besides kayle to level 2. Also get the knights at level 2. Don't level up (the xp thing) since almost all of the Nobles and Knights are tier 1 which means if you upgrade, you won't complete them.

Items: get spoon/spatula the golden thing and Chain vest = Knights Vow. This would make your Nobles on the Knights Trait. Just like our lovely garen. I got rank 6 knights and rank 3 nobles. It the noble buff got on vayne and it's hilarious that opp has no damage. knights: rank 6 = 80 damage reduct + noble buff: heal per auto + 100 armor. Imagine a level 3 darius on that steroid.

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