NSA Removes Core Value "Honesty" from Website





“An archived copy of the website shows that “Honesty” featured alongside “Respect for the Law, Integrity and Transparency” as the NSA’s guiding principles. However, The Intercept reports, that the NSA recently updated their core values and honesty no longer gets a look in.

The updated statement features two new values, “Commitment to Service,” which is the new top value, and “Accountability.”

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They removed honesty from their core values? Good. It's not called the NSA for nothing. See? The thing is, security and honesty don't always go hand in hand.
If you disagree, feel free to be honest with me when I ask you for your bank account number. 🙂

It has become a foregone conclusion about the NSA and the Patriot ACT. We know all those govt agencies lie like hell and just the fact that we attack all these countries upon their recommendation tells us they are horrible. It was based on a lie to make some people rich and now we are losing our freedoms daily. Thanks for reporting this but our MSM media will never report this.

The never were "honest" nor "open" to begin with. This parody of our government working to "keep us safe" from foreign governments and spies by pissing on the Fourth Amendment has been old for years, but unfortunately millions of US citizens still believes losing these rights are for the greater good. Great work Holly, and I hope you are getting plenty of Vitamin C.

just jump right in. no intro (tiring). we all know who you are, what your show is called, and that you are on patreon. redundancy bores in any market. love your links, but i still feel you are well-embedded in the system, always like: "what the…" with all these issues. hey – the answers are there if you study. a popular crowd-distracting concept is the 'air of mystery' – in perpetuity. cheers.

Holly, look into UKUSA Agreement with NSA- British intelligence to spy for U.S government..  Obama had the partnership with U.K to spy on Americans and Brits.

I thought I could make the first comment "dove focused" but someone beat me to it.:( PS: It was absurd they had honesty up there. As an organization, they have only one goal/core value: To accomplish missions. Period. Hilarious point about them being more honest as a result of removing it.

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