Patek Philippe Nautilus vs Audemars Piguet Royal Oak: Patek 5726/1A-001 vs AP 15202ST Watch Review

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The Patek Philippe Nautilus Annual Calendar 5726/1A-001 is encased in 40.5 mm of stainless steel surrounding a black and grey dial on a stainless steel bracelet with a folding buckle . Features include annual calendar, day, date, month, 24-hour dial, moonphase, and 120-meter water resistance. This Patek Philippe Nautilus also measures 11.4 mm in thickness and 51.3 mm from lug-to-lug.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar 26574ST.OO.1220ST.02 is encased in 41 mm of stainless steel surrounding a blue dial on a stainless steel bracelet. Features include perpetual calendar, day, date, month, leap year cycle, moonphase, weekly calendar, hour, date, minutes. This Audemars Piguet Royal Oak also measures 9.5 mm in thickness and 51 mm from lug-to-lug.

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Tim ? with all your respect , the Patek 5726 has way more class than the AP, you talked about a bubble burst ?, i dont see any bubble as PP produces 3 watches per AD worldwide yes 3 . or less . I have the money i have the desire to buy a Nautilus steel at AD, guess what Tim , no longer they accept waiting list into the 1000s. if this is a bubble ? i am james bond. Supply and Demand , ..thank you for the nice video again . Super knowledgable Timo …

Pant-O-Graph?? I collect old screwdrivers and ended up with a 1940's pant-o-graph NOS for $10 when I was getting some old Stanley screwdrivers, I just bought it because it was cool, not really sure what it was for though

The AP is very nice indeed still, an easy win for the Patek. It has just too many technical advantages over this AP. Just a more modern concept I suppose. As for cost, if you can afford a 60 grand watch, you can afford a 100 grand one. This Patek is just a better allrounder, the robustness, WR and great dial legibility. This all may sound rather analytical on my part, but emotionally it does it for me too…if you were only to have the one great watch.

I’d love to see the VC Overseas perpetual calendar compared to the RO. Unfortunately, it’s only offered in precious metals.

On a related note, I’d love to see VC put the annual calendar from the FiftySix and Historiques in the Overseas. I think it would be a great competitor to the Nautilus, and unlike the Perpetual calendar, it would almost certainly be offered in steel.

Royal Oak here for me. I don’t know why but I just don’t love the dial on the Patek. However, both of these are amazing pieces. Tim, you have a DREAM job, my friend.

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