Pawn Stars: HIGH VALUE RARE LOOT: World of Warcraft Frostmourne Sword (Season 17) | History

Chum and Rick wield their powers of negotiation to get a fair price for a rare S-Tier item from World of Warcraft, in this clip from Season 17, “Gold (& Silver) Digger”. #PawnStars

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might have been expensive to buy but yeah try selling them, you'll likely get screwed, tried selling some franklin mint ones i have awhile never got one interested buyer, well except those trying to get something for nothing.

That's a nice sword but yeah I agree, a replica for a walk piece would be just as nice. It's a game and not like it was in a real battle. But 40 years from now I rest assure, it would hold value. I have bmx freestyle bikes from my teen age years 1987 that were like $450 back then that are valued $13,000 to $15,000 today that I can kick myself for not having today. Original star wars action figures as well.

Omg what a chump!!! Highway robbery. Easily could’ve gotten $2k for it at least. I would’ve laughed and taken my mic off and walked out the store if he offered me $750. What a joke

I've spend more than $750 on swords that aren't even from anything, if that is made with anything better than stainless steel like high carbon or clay tempered it's easily worth thousands.

“I was really big into gaming, but decided to move on to other stuff” Haha this is what happens when a nerd finally gets laid and gets a girlfriend for the first time. I guaranty you she made him sell all his collector stuff. Like 40 year old virgin. Don’t conform to a females standards. If she don’t like you for you, she ain’t the one.

Rick's buddy, ,,,, " hey man did he fall for it"
Rick,,, " yeah hook line and sinker, he was a pushover "
Rick's buddy, " oh cool I'll be there in 1minute with the 5g in cash, just finishing my lattechino around the corner"

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