Prepared Clerk Loses His Job

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That reminds me EVERY Company that doesn't let you use Self-Defense if needed is fucking retarded as shit and I am NEVER working for another Company that says I can't use Self-Defense EVER fucking again…the guy with the gun was right in everything he did and I'd do the exact same thing if I had a gun…another reason you don't fuck with people…

I manage a Vape shop, work alone for 12hrs a day. Had someone try to rob me, had his hand in his jacket saying he would shoot me if I didn't give him the money. I pulled my Ruger SP101 .357 from my appendix iwb holster, boy his hands went up fast, he kept apologizing then booked for the door. Only thing my boss said was, "Good job, that's why I'm glad all our employees are armed."

In a recent video a clerk was shot twice with zero warning or provocation in a robbery. If mr hatchet decided to start swinging, what would company policy dictate an employee do? Curling up in the fetal position and hope hatchet guy skips cardio at the gym so he gets breathless before happens to sever a limb or Knick an artery?
the policy of not resisting and no guns is ore of a legal formality, not for the protection and safety of the employee but rather that the company isn’t legally responsible if an employee resists or defends themselves during a robbery and gets hurt or killed. The company can’t be sued or is obligated to pay for any medical bills. It’s a soulless practice usually reserved for massive chains like Walmart and Kmart and not family owned businesses. The problem with that is that those national chains do in fact hires security but like this case there is no security. So essentially gong above and beyond to ensure the sales clerk is utterly defenseless. But something tells me that guy has no regrets about breaking company policy

Well I wish I knew what company fired him because I'd make sure to boycott them. I guess they want lemmings that don't mind loosing their life. They can shove it.

I think this LOUSY store (PLAID PANTRY) will next be asking their employees to wear new vests………..ONES WITH BULLSEYE TARGETS ON THE FRONT AND BACK.  This ex- employee should try to deliver that rusty axe to the HEAD of the corporation.  I'll bet he gets stopped in the company lobby by several security guards carrying GUNS to protect the FAT CATS.  Talk about a bunch of HYPOCRITES.  They should all be forced to work a store register one day a month or more for the rest of their tenure.

Never let a business dictate your personal safety. Get the fuck outta here with that, the only man that dictates your safety is yourself.

Absolute bullshit.

Man fuck that store I wouldn't even want to work there… Really? so if a guy comes in with a gun and trys to kill you your just supposed to stand there a take bullet? Fuck that as everyone else in the comments said I would rather get fired HONORABLY then die like a FOOL.. Real talk.

Plaid Pantry should be renamed Plaid Panty Wastes!!! These Anti-Constitutionalists will NEVER get my MONEY!!! I just sent this out to about 1 million people! Hopefully, this company will rethink its values after they feel the sting in their wallet!

i keep your store safer and lose my job for it. What messed up policy is that? I get that resisting may put other patrons at risk but being armed reduces the risk of being another statistics.

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