Programming in Visual Basic .Net How to Connect Access Database to VB.Net

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Your videos are very informational when people are stuck with routine tasks

could you please help me figure out this one, it's something most people at work come across nowadays which is a repetitive task of sending specific data of the week to a mailing list.
I have an Excel sheet with loads of worksheets in it.
Data is entered in 3 worksheets on daily basis and information from these 3 sheets is sent out to mailing list on every Sunday (data accumulated from Last Sunday to Saturday in those 3 work sheets).

This XL sheet is stored in share point.

Brandon, thanks for this tutorial; it  worked very well for a novice at this.  One question: I used the Syncios to transfer roughly 2,900 songs to my PC from my iphonr 7. Roughly 2,100 songs were duplicates that I planned to delete. But, when the process downloaded to my PC, it only shows 855 songs. Does that mean that the process automatically deleted duplicates? I sure hope so. Thanks again, Kwasi

Great information. We  need to protect those who are entrusted to us. We can use this same information to protect our elderly as well as those who are mentally challenged. We need to be their voice.

You mention how the side characters don't get developed in the movie, and that is super true. But it is still better than how they are in the book. Aech turns out to be a woman of color and a lesbian (which isn't really addressed other than to show how cool a person Wade is because he doesn't care about any of that even though he promptly goes back to referring to Aech as a he in the OASIS because it's easier.), which feels like some sort of buffer to protect the author from the fact Daito and Shoto are the biggest Japanese stereotypes ever. The author even has both characters talk about how CEO Evilguy is dishonorable, in the same conversation, in almost the exact same line. Also everyone in the OASIS is described as a boring white person. And we have to read about Wade having an experience with a sex robot.

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