Routine Stop Turns Into A Blessing For The Deserving

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When i was in the military I had to get pepper spray and tazed for training. I rather get tazed 10 times before I get pepper spray. Being tazed hurts but when its over the pain is over. Pepper spray can last for a while especially if you get it in your lungs

the pole of the traffic sign can also be a great obstacle to put between you and a would be attacker. enraged attacker will come at you in the straightest line possible and have great difficulty handling even the simplest of obstacles.

As an american that was weird as hell to see a cop do nothing but that and then back off. No physical attack. Pile drive. Head lock. Shooting. Nothing. Even though thats probably normal it looks abnormal to a violent abnormal country with abnormal ways.

I assume the brand of OC spray you recommend is either the same, or just as powerful, as that
used in this video, which is certainly the best I have ever seen to induce someone to buy
an OC product
What a take down; rest assured that this punk wished he had never been born! Thanks, John.😀🤣😀🤣

It's actually Haifa and the entrance to a hospital parking lot. Guy probably wanted to park his car where the ambulances and staff park.
Safe bet that's either a 55g can of Sabre Red or a 60g spray called "The Guard", 1.334% capsaicinoids/10% OC. Pattern is a fog cone.

Thank you so much for helping teens in the foster care system, I came out of that system and while it saved my life, it’s a situation than isn’t always safe and isn’t always secure. It’s throwing teens into a 50/50 situation. But most of the time we’re coming from 100% bad situations, so I’m thankful the system exists, I’m so grateful that your here for many of us teens who struggle. Another amazing thing about this amazing channel.

Why Australia doesn't allow oc for self defence is indefensible. Any criminal can easily acquire and carry a lethal knife but law abiding citizens can't carry a non lethal disabler.

What about if they’re wearing sunglasses or glasses. Any info on if oc is still effective? As I understand it has to get in the eyes to really do much. I personally wear Oakley RadarLock sunglasses every moment I’m outside. If someone is wearing sunglasses like those I question if oc spray is even worth trying??

More the better but check your local laws. In my area they say no more than 2oz, no more than 10% OC, can't have any other chemicals to increase the effect. It also says it can't be hidden in any misleading case (like a pistol pepper spray dispenser) If you care about the law look up your state/local laws

I think this is the 3rd IDF video I've seen on this sight. I really like this channel, but I can't stomach the subtle propaganda inserting itself here. Show some vids of the IDF shooting children in the face or dropping bombs on old women for balance maybe? Afraid I'm unsubscribing. Best of luck to you John.

I wouldve sprayed that fat blonde monster who was waving/pointing her finger at the guards. What would that cow have done???…let someone run up on her and attack her???!!! Fucking dumb bitch.

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