Royal Caribbean Rookie Mistakes To Avoid!

Going on your first Royal Caribbean cruise is exciting and it will likely be a lot of fun but people new to cruising can often make mistakes along the way. The good news is, you can avoid these 10 common mistakes to ensure your first Royal Caribbean cruise is awesome.

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I watch these Royal Caribbean Blog videos for general info on cruising, as much of it is universal, but I don't think I'll ever cruise on an Oasis class ship. I just can't get past the design and stricking lack of open sea views.

I know of someone who got the unlimited alcohol drink package and shared it with many of their friends. It is actually very worth it if multiple people are using it. I'm not saying I would do it I'm just saying it happens

Such a beautiful and also very interesting place! I have to include it in my top next goals! When I travel I always take my travel playlist with me, including classics like One by Metallica, Lateralus by Tool or new bands and songs like for example Wasted by Delta Parole, what travel playlists do you fellow travelers love and listen to?

you can also get a wristband from "guest services" for $5 and it lets you get in and out your room and also make purchases!! so much easier than carrying a card with you all the time. just remember you still need your sea pass card when leaving/getting back on the ship at port

Bring a small medical bag with benadryl, motion sickness relief, pain relievers, sunburn gel, cold meds, blister bandaids, etc…The ship's gift shop has some of this, but it's at a cost. The ship's doctor is also very expensive. You never know what will come in handy. Have been on several cruises and we always need something.

I would only add that booking your flight the day of the cruise is perfectly fine as long as you book it through the cruise line. This is guaranteed protection. If the flight is delayed for some reason, the cruise line will make sure you get your ship. Great video!

1.)Check with your cell phone provider about international roaming charges or get a international plan ,when your on the water your phone will connect to a Cellular Network called Cellular at Sea which will cost you international roaming rates.You do have the option to turn it off…I would suggest just turning it off and getting the Internet package and use a app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for communication.

2.)Get a Lanyard with a card holder for your sea pass because you will need it every where you go

3.)Take advantage of Pre Check in and Pre Pay for packages and excursions because they have better deals prior to then what you will receive when you get on the ship.

4.) Get a passport it will make your life a lot easier.

5.)Check the Daily Planner and know where and when things are happening that way you get to do everything you wanted while on the ship and you don’t miss out.

6.) Personal Preference But I would say try to book cruises longer then 4 days because as he stated once you begin to get comfortable on the ship which is usually like a Day and a Half it’s all most time to get off of you book a 3 or 4 day cruise.

Biggest mistake I have seen others do is fly out on same day the cruise finishes. The boat can be late and one occasion it was a day and a half late due to weather. A lot of people where not happy to reschedule or book flights.

I wish I took my bags to the room myself because at the port it was dropped in the ocean by the crew. My books were ruined and camera destroyed. They reimbursed me for the broken items but had to wear wet sneakers on excursions. They also awarded me a free drink package so I guess it was a good mistake.

Don't over tip unaware😔😔😔we paid for drinks at bar and tipped on top of paying…service fee was already included on receipt and we prepaid our gratuities pretrip.

You can roll or tote your carry on with u on the ship and don't have to check it in but you will have to keep it with you everywhere until your room is ready. We checked our luggage all was fine. Our carryons were tote bags.

Bring water with you in your carryon if you don't have the deluxe drink package and are funny about drinking tap. Check the policy.

Get drink packages to budget better if u are worried about your end of the trip bill. I will always get the deluxe drink package or some kind of alcohol deal precruise. This was the most expense on our bill…alcohol.

Always take cash with u off ship. Even if you are going to a cashless destination. You may encounter shopping to or from ship. Remember souivener shopping. They took credit cards but we had cash for shopping and forgot to take it.

Remember to pack ponchos n small umbrella, we used ours on our last cruise while ppl were scrambling.

Enjoy yourself, try something new, access past itineraries, cruise compass and plan your days, check mobile apps also to get an idea of what u want to do. Research n prepare activities precruise, or just lounge if you'd like. We are so happy we planned!

Attend all shows, comedy, singer and production. You will not want to leave.

Remember to check your photos at the kiosks. We did late night n forgot to return. We probably would have purchased a couple if any but it would have been good to take time to scroll. Pics are not available post ship.

Tip your room attendant extra at the end of the trip if you want. They will leave an envelope on the last night for it if you wish. We did, he was awesome.

Pack comfortable shoes! We wore our comfy slides (croc) the majority of the trip and beach shoes around water. We dressed in heels for 2 hrs each night because we wanted to in the dining hall. Slides immediately after dinner!

If u live for social media get the data package from RC and turn your phone on airplane mode the entire trip!

We went with early checkout…kept our luggage with us, out of room by 720 am and in car by 8am on the road 801am…..we will always do early checkout! Easy peesy!

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