Sammy The Bull Was The Perfect Gangster – John Alite

Former John Gotti enforcer John Alite stops by the Valuetainment studio for a sit down Patrick Bet-David. Stay tuned for a full interview coming soon on Valuetainment. Make sure to subscribe to Valuetainment for the updates:

About John Alite: John Edward Alite also known as Johnny Alletto is an Albanian-American former Gambino family associate, informant and motivational speaker. He was an associate of the Gambino crime family and John A. Gotti.

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Larry Gallo was the perfect gangster, money maker, leader of men, quiet and well respected by the family he was made in the Profaci -Colombo's and members of the other 5 New York families even the coppers said when they would raid the Dormitory Larry was the perfect gentleman and the only one who could control his brother Crazy Joe Gallo. PS…And a silent deadly killer of men.

it's great that alite has turned his life around and wants to help people.saying sammy was the perfect gangster your crazy.dissing SR and gene would did 30 years because of his brother.he is way out of bounds.

John alite has made a life out of screaming to world i was a gangster! Lmao. It’s fascinating! These guys are usually quiet about it. This guy just dieing for the world to know he was a bad ass in the 90 s. Lol.

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