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Censorship resistant, pseudo-anonymous, untraceable. These are the main characteristics that make cryptocurrency an enticing payment method for purchasing adult content. Pornsites, webcam platforms and online sex shops often struggle with traditional payment systems because of the high-risk industry in which these businesses operate. By leveraging the power of blockchain, a number of crypto startups have been emerging and are aiming to revolutionize the way people purchase and consume adult content.

Ginger is the first global market place with crypto payments for the paid sex industry. Check out Ginger:

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Warning: This film contains explicit content and scenes of sexuality. View discretion is advised.

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I owned a topless car wash for nine years and eight months and had the largest adult website in my state back in the late nineties. The cops arrested me, placed me in handcuffs then while I was defenseless I was choked and punches in the face. The male judge that put me in front of the grand jury was going to the jail and checking out male inmates and trading them sexual favors for leniency on their sentences. So who is the real sick-o here ?

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