Small Value Village haul

I have not posted one of those in awhile. I have to admit that I haven’t been going to Value village much since I was doing big decluterring and giving things away.

My amazon list of favorites:

Tape Jungle tape refill:

Stencil revolution link:
Here is the link to the website. I really hope that you go and check it out.

Snail mail:
CP 43530 Roxboro DDO
Dollard-des-ormeaux, QC
H8Y 3P4

And don’t forget to go and check out my other videos and my blog if you want other ideas:

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Was happy to see you this morning! Love your hauls. They are the best. That last box was made just for you. 😊 Loved all the books you found this time. I have found that the Goodwill stores in our area now take all the really good stuff and put it on their auction website. Boo. The Thrift store near me has some good stuff but for some reason I can never find any books that I can use in journals, cards etc. I did once last year find 3 good size bundles of wood mounted rubber stamps and picked them up for $5.00 each as well as some packages of kids cards and some colorful dominoes marked as is. I have also found a box of Trivial Pursuit cards. I use to have that game and loved playing it. We had a huge packing box full of old board games in the attic of our old house but I don't know if it got left behind or what. I thought it was in my storage unit but when we cleaned that out a few months ago they weren't there. In fact, a lot of things that I was told by my cousin who was helping me move 14 years ago, that she put in the storage unit were not there. So, she either threw them away or pawned them. I expect it was the latter. I trusted her so she had a key and the code to the unit. Oh well. Live and learn, right? Enough of that. Like I said, I love seeing your hauls. Thanks for taking time to share this one. It was good seeing you. Hope the renovations are progressing smoothly. Hugs, my friend. And have a creative weekend.

Love! Love! Love! Your fun haul, Crafting Vicky🥰 I asked my husband if he’d like to take a field trip up to Canada to visit YOUR THRIFT STORE☺️(giggle)I’m desperate I have spent sooo much time working in my craft room…I have not had any time to CRAFT ! 🙄

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