Stepping Into Third Party Encounters Can Be Dangerous

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excuse my language, but these criminals are literally retarded…. right? Like, how could you possibly not know you are on camera, you will go to jail for years, your life is over if you do this? HOW could they not know that? Is it rap music? lol like seriously it's so obvious to non criminals yet they continually fall into the obvious trap.

I picked up my first pistol today: a Glock 45. I was considering getting a CCW eventually after taking courses, but so far as I’ve researched it doesn’t seem worth the risk of prosecution even if seemingly used justifiably (and I’ve read the legal system is incredibly harsh on CCW holders….even placing your hand on your weapon as a warning can warrant years in prison?).

Seems to me you need to have the blade already moving across your throat before you can even think about drawing. I think I’ll just stick to the range and home defense, at least for the time being.

Unless someone's life is threatened, it isn't worth getting involved. Even then, you had better think about stepping into someone else's problem. You owe it to your family to stick around. Personally, for me to get involved, an innocent person's life must be in Imminent danger before I would consider risking my life jumping into a 3rd party encounter.  In this situation all he was doing is saving the insurance company from having to pay a $200 claim. It ain't worth it.

desperate bastard here, along with an extraordinarily dumb blond. Seemed a little extreme, stealing rings from a candy store, may be worth a half a buck? Nice resolution on the video means they caught the creeps? know your pistols folks, if this guy shoots for this, he'll shoot your wife in the head too for the beautiful ring you put on her finger.

Just a whole lot of stupid in this video from everybody. Why are they stealing this ring display? Couldn't possibly be worth more than $100 total. Stupid on her part to steal it with cameras everywhere clearly showing her face. Stupid on the part of the customer trying to stop her and the most stupid of all award goes to the dipshit boyfriend who not only put the gun in the guy's face where he easily could have grabbed it but then shot at him. You can't fix stupid.

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