Taking on the Red Pill | Men's Rights Activism

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The Men’s Rights Movement often portrays itself as the counterbalance to Feminism, but setting aside that rivalry, are any of their points legitimate?

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The Red Pill: The Strange Art of Men’s Rights Activism (Part 1) | Big Joel – https://youtu.be/xDI4F7eWu7k
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[Work and Military]

Oil Rig Dangers: Work-Related Injuries and Safety



Raising Boys: Why Boys Drop out of School More than Girls


Criminal Justice Facts


[Physical and Mental Health]

Suicide Statistics

"Trudeau announces $1.4B annual Canadian investment in women and girls’ health" I am so disappointed in my country. The fact that this guy, who I voted for, can do this, as a big "Fuck you" to men and boys. Not only that, he’s clearly doing this for votes. from MensRights

Why does breast cancer research receive more research funding than prostate cancer?

**Red Pill Source** https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/nisvs_report2010-a.pdf
**Red Pill Source** https://www.rawstory.com/2016/02/first-of-its-kind-domestic-violence-shelter-for-all-male-victims-opens-in-arkansas/

[Divorce, Alimony, Child Custody/Support]

Are Moms Less Likely Than Dads To Pay Child Support?


The Percentage of Men Awarded Spousal Support Increasing


Single Fathers, Single Mothers, and Child Custody Statistics


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*Regarding the 1 in 5 Statistic*
I used the 2010 NIPSVS in my video is because that's the same source The Red Pill uses. If you accept that 1 in 4 men have been the victim of intimate partner physical violence, you have to accept that 1 in 5 women have been the victim of sexual violence in their lifetimes. You cannot agree with and accept the methodology of the study when it comes to a statistic you like, but dismiss it when it's a statistic you don't like. If you're going to say that some of those women are lying – I can just as easily say some of those men are lying.


MGTOW is not about "not wanting women" but rather seeing that any serious commitment with women in current year fails both a cost-benift analyses and a risk-benifit analyses so are agents marrage but are fine with casual sex.

argument 1 women are not being kept out of firefighting and fishing its just jobs women wont take you cannot assume discrimination you need to prove it and no showing stats on there being 0.5 women in whatever field is not proof.

the second problem is you are saying "women want to fight in these wars" ok thats a broad statement the majority of women do not want combat roles and despite it being totally able now women are still i microscopic part of combat despite according to you "begging to fight"

now we go on to where you are actively showing how absolutely biased you are on the draft "it does not effect you" this is absolutely just you trying to in some way justify discrimination it does not matter that we have not used in a long time males got the right to vote from signing for a draft and women do it its a objective point of de jur discrimination and you are saying its fine because it has not been used recently. i pray you understand how fucking stupid you sound its the fact that it exists that makes it wrong. finally no men do not "feel" the draft is its objectively wrong if you follow a feminist world view why cant you just call it wrong?

Not trying to start a war here, but my grandma was a 90 lb truck driver, just saying there's an exception to every rule. My grandfather was too, but she did it for longer. Love you grannny, hope you're at peace.

Based on your numbers, 40% of all college graduates are men and 60% are women. That's a significant disparity across a large population, but you seem to portray it here as alarmist fear-mongering. If you have a young son and consider a college degree important for long term economic opportunity, that's a real concern. It seems you're down playing that concern here as much ado about nothing, which feels a little dishonest and is unexpected from the channel. I have not seen the red pill.

A few points on the issue of rape. Feminists like quoteing one in 4 college students (etc) are raped but's more just rumor. Not even close to fact, if you dig far enough you find poorly done study that people quoting this number don't even know about.

Also I don't know the odds of a rape accusation being false. But the consequences of a false rape (man on woman) accusation are absurd. Even when they are proven innocent the effects on their job, social life, harassment from idiots thinking they are pursuing justice… A false rape accusation prove beyond a shadow of a doubt wrong can still absolutely destroy someones life. I know no numbers, but I think the percentage of public false accusations proven wrong still destroying their lives is very high. I heard of a soccer team falsely accused and proven innocent and even their coach was hurt by this (even though he wasn't even accused) he lost his job, his consequences might have been the worst of all.

And the consequences for falsely accusing rape or being a dishonest reporter who pushes such stories etc are very small to nonexistent much of the time, it seems.

Knowing better love your videos but I’ve actually gone over the sexual assault rate in my Marriage and Family, Human Sexuality, and a 1 hour credit class I took my first semester of college. Women do get raped more, however the reason the rate for men is low is because a larger portion of them won’t come out about it. Not to mention most statistics don’t mention the rape culture that plagues male prisons. Not undermining the women are raped, but 1 in 71 men sounds a bit too low.

I understand that society is changing but that does not mean we should simply forget about it and not complain about it. Now I’m not saying that you’re saying that we ought to stop complaining but, I advice wording it differently. Like if I say that more African Americans are starting to see more equal treatment that doesn’t mean we quit complaining. We keep fighting for it. And just like the court system still shows bias, and it’s improving doesn’t mean that we stop in our tracks for its support. I guess what I’m saying is that the way you word it sounds like you’re saying the problem is as serious as it ought to be.

I totally agree with your conclusion and overall opinion, but I think it's also true that feminism has a huge problem of appearing to not include the issues MRAs are concerned about and a huge part of that is the lingo. "Toxic masculinity" for example is a term that is very easily misunderstood and sometimes thrown around rather carelessly, even though the concept behind the term is something a lot of people would agree with.
On a side note, it really annoys me how taking the red pill has become the new alt right go to phrase.

The thing about truck drivers is that there's a (not entirely inaccurate) perception that when bad things happen to you it's because you made a mistake.
This is also why planes and self driving cars are considered dangerous and why motorcycles and cars aren't as much. Because nobody wants to die because someone else made a mistake but if you made the mistake then it's fair.

24:32 I think you're being dishonest here, he seems to be stating that this is what the world would be like if we truly lived under the oppressive patriarchy that many feminists seem to claim we live under. These aren't his views on what he wants the world to be like, just a statement about how some feminists greatly exaggerate how patriarchal the system is.

i think we should send all feminists to pakistan then when they come back they will shut up about life in they're country real quick. of course they will start a war but its probably gonna be less annoying.

Hey KnowingBetter, I like some of your stuff, don't like some of your stuff, of course, I do my own research and like to make sure that whenever I consume your content or my more often conservative content, I double check. But there are a couple things I'd like to point out.

Firstly, I believe it's wrong to say "Women are kept out of firefighting", it's a job that requires the ability to carry a 250 pound man on your shoulder down 3 flights of stairs, and it's just far far less common in women, ofc I like your reference to overwatch and agree "If Zarya wants to be a firefighter, go ahead", also mixed gender combat squads have been shown to be less effective and lethal then all-male counterparts.

Saying the draft is insignificant is frankly wrong, men are put into a place where if/when war goes out, their bodies are used as currency. It's not some horrible thing, but it's just true.

This video is about sex, not race, and though I appreciate your opinion on how you've opened your eyes a bit on how sentencing is much more complex then just race, I feel it's a little odd to just bring up the fact that a 'BLACK' man will get the most time in prison. Personally I've found that race is becoming less and less of an issue with the country-wide stigmatization of racists (which goes too far in some cases trying to censor free speech, but hey, whatever), as sex, the more hot button issue at the moment still is masked when it comes to the real and pressing issues.

Yeah I don't get the whole "Women live longer" thing, we as men need to realize that getting help needs to happen more. However, that includes getting more support networks for men.

Yeah, domestic abuse is an issue, men are simply stronger and more capable to defend themselves than women, that's an indisputable fact and why women will be more likely to experience serious trauma from domestic abuse. However emotional domestic abuse plagues men as women are much more capable at doing that, especially with the uprising of #MeToo, a lot of disingenuous women remove credibility from real victims by trying to de-platform a guy they are angry at.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING HONEST ABOUT THE IDEA OF MEN BEING RAPED. It's disgusting when we sugarcoat that word with men, but sensationalize it with women. Also, 100%, women are raped more, (excluding prison rapes which flips the majority from what I last read, so forgive me if I'm wrong) and that is something we need to fix. Rape statistics and accusations are annoyingly poorly represented all the time (including how you've represented it), a small percentage are proven true, and a smalle percentage are proven false (the 6.8% for example), but a depressing majority is simply halted in the legal process due to a lack of evidence, so saying '6.8% is proven false therefor the rest must be true' is very poor argumentation as we will never know for a large majority of accusations. We have to Presume innocence until proven guilty.

I think men should have the right to opt-out of having a child, so the woman cannot force him to pay her for the child, if he chooses to not want the child, he shouldn't have to pay. Because after the kid is born, parents share a night equal responsibility, equal after infancy/toddlerhood. Basically if the woman wants it, and the man doesn't he just doesn't need to pay child support, done and done.

Anyway, I appreciate your analysis, I like your channel, but some of your points are a little off. Keep making this great content, It's an amazing way to keep YouTube at a high quality! Thanks for all your work!

OMG, thank you so much for 27:32 that “patriarchy doesn’t only oppress women.” That explanation clarified for me what is my own motivation to fight for women’s rights and stand with feminists. As a gay man I have many friends who think I’m crazy for caring about women’s rights and issues, but I now understand that it’s my way of fighting the patriarchy that oppressed me as a gay man who wasn’t “man” enough. Thank you for that insight, now when I join with feminists I will know that it’s not just to be a good person and help others who are being oppressed, but also to help myself fight against my own oppression.

2 minutes in and you already twist the facts … MRA didn't release the film. It was Cassie Jaye who made it as an independent documentary.

No but seriously truck driving is hard work and also bad for health. We should really figure out a way to transport goods without someone having to sit & drive for 16 hours

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