The Battle of the Granicus (334 B.C.E.)

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Alexander really should have been known as "the Lucky" or "the Blessed" instead of "the Great". The man had so many close encounters with death any other man would have ran out of luck and died.

LOL i love this channel, as a greek having read the original sources in the actual ancient greek text, but is 21st century PC and cool to be pro persian and discredit the words of Alexander as nonsense? Have some respect for the man who gave birth to your western civilization. Also the sword of spithridates at Granicus didnt go through but was stopped by the helmet. Neither is cleitus mentioned with the eponym ''the black'' in this instance. i get that this has to have a certain entertainment value but please refrain from distorting the fact to your liking in the future. Great work with the animations and narrating as always!

I'm curious: Where any of these Greek Mercenaries Spartans? If so, was there a rivarly between them and the other represented city-states?
As they say: The more you learn, the more you want to know.

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