The Future of Litecoin | Interview With Charlie Lee

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee spoke to us about the imminent Litecoin halving and the effects it will have on the fifth largest cryptocurrency. He also explained why fungibility and privacy are the main challenges ahead for both BTC and LTC, and how Litecoin is planning to address them.

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If you want to see the truth and not ad gimmicks on LTC go to my utube channel JohnRusso007. I am being accused of trying to lower LTCs price so I can get in cheap. Lol Yet they can't dispute the math or the legal docs I present.

I say go all in for promotion of Litecoin as a store of value similar to silver! There is room for 2 store of value coins in the crypto space. I am anxious about a privacy option for Litecoin. It will get the attention of regulators

No matter what, I'm gonna put a tiny bit of my stake in LTC, since it is the only "fork" of Bitcoin that Satoshi probably doesn't have any stupidly massive stake in — just in case Satoshi turns out to be someone like Paul Solotshi.

I love it how people try and blame Charlie for the price dumps even when he is kind enough to tell the world what he is doing with his stacks or discuss his outlook. I think we may need a coin that has compromised privacy eg: in that it is private to the end user but govt institutions such as NSA can backdoor and see history under specific circumstances (not what I want.. but what we may need to go for). So we get 'everyday' privacy but can avoid the 'money laundering' slur.

How can you see the history of a coin if it has been broken down into millions of satoshis and sent here, there and everywhere?
Like say i have a wallet with 1 bitcoin, it is consisted of bits and pieces of all different bitcoins, that have come from all different transactions and where created at different times…. how can i be responsible for WHERE every little dust has been in the past??

Scamie Lee, should consider that name. Mr I sold at top. His excuse was he started selling from 100 to 400,and not at top. Ofc because he didn't know where the top exactly was. What a joke. No better than Craig Wright. 0 credibility

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