The power of introverts | Susan Cain In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful, to be an introvert. But, as Susan Cain argues in this passionate talk, introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated.

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When you sit in a class, surrounded by unknown extroverted kids, who are busy knowing each other and making friends, but you can't even speak a word, it kinda sucks!
But, I feel that, if those extroverted kids are left alone, without being talked to, they would probably die or kill themselves. But, well, I'm really glad I can survive that.
I recently finished my schooling and started to go to a college. Maybe, I would find a friend only after 2 years, when my college would end

I was offended when I got my job yearly review and was told that in order to succeed I needed to become and extrovert and that that was the kind of people who succeed in this company. The CEO is more of an introvert than me…

Since it seems that there are quite a few "quite" people. Pun intended. In the comments i am just gonna quickly ask you something.

I was recently on a 4 day vacation with a few friends 2 of which i had never meet before. In all the 4 days i maybe exchanged about 15 sentences with each. And i wondered why? I'm aware that it sounds silly but i was wondering if someone here could explain their behaviour to me. Where they just shy or did they just not like me?

First a bit about myself. I am a brash but approchable person and try my best to bring people into conversations if i notice that they aren't saying a lot or anything. For example on the car ride to the vacation spot it turned out that one of the 2 "new friends" had served in the same location i had completed my military service at so naturally i asked him who it was and all that jazz.

His answers were basically one liners. Like: "When did you serve?" "Last year."/ "Which division where you in?" "Fire department." "Where did you do your basic training." "Location."

I felt like i was talking to a pre programmed ai. The same with the other guy. In all the 4 days i was always the one intiating the conversation and they always answered in one liners. I felt like if i hadn't talked to them we would have gon 4 days without them saying anything to me.

And for your information no i am not a english speaker and we were 6 people all in our mid 20.

Ps: There was one other friend everyone i know considers shy as well but with him it's always great fun. I mean i know him for quite a while now and i notice that he has phases were he just doesn't wanna talk but it never lasts very long. And at least he shows common curtsey even if he is in one of those phases. The others didn't even greet me or say goodbye or "good morning" or "thanks" or "please". That extended to not only me but to everyone. Even thou we all slept in the same hotel room.

Introverts dealing with extroverts is like an adult trying to interact with a room full of a.d.d. children on a sugar high.

It's easier to just let the extroverts do what they want, but the results will bet less than desirable.

Introverts get the job done… Extroverts take the credit, and they truly believe they deserve it.

Introvert paradox…

I wanted to get a Ham operators license… I got the highest license… but… I don't particularly like talking to people.

Really, its more about understanding electronics than the social interaction.

it's truly an eye opener what she said at 12:00. I struggled my whole life with being forced to be an extrovert, when I am really introverted. Especially being an artist. And from what I've seeing the greatest artists were all introverts, while artists who are extroverts they are great at making you believe they are great artists, but really aren't…I have a hard time dealing with this world that forces me to be who I am not. and I know I'm alone with this thought. I just wish we didn't live in the world of the businessman. We need more balance.

Quick note. Introverts aren't always "lacking" on social skills. Extroverts aren't always experts at it. I'm an introvert, and I'm great at face to face communication, people find me funny, clever and charming, and it's not something that took me too much time to develop, I was always social. So why is this important? Well, I was unlucky because everyone put me into the extroverted box and even quizzes always told me I was an extrovert. I found out that I was an introvert pretty recently, as a young adult, and it feels great to know that I'm not broken for needing a lot of alone time every single day lol!
My advice for everyone is, if you need to be alone more often, do it. Respect your own boundaries and learn how to be you. There's nothing wrong with that. Lots of love!

From what I can gather, the idea is probably to dumb the people down, or conform people to the group-think mentality. People are more easily controlled when those who are most thoughtful are drowned out by mindless distractions.

There are a lot of meanings to "becoming who you are", it does not just referred to speaking up or not, being an introvert or not which maybe an extrovert or both (ambi), I think it means how you naturally associate with people. For me, I am aware that I am introvert, bc my communication skills is not tht good, but that doesn't mean I am only referred to be an introvert ways. And I guess it's just one of my abilities, that could may be improved or may be not. And I think it is grateful to be encouraged by someone to speak out our inner colors. Still, it depends on their intentions. And we must be reminded that we are mere humans, who are always and still seeking for becoming who we really are in this world. Anyways, that's just my reflective message to the video above. And I wanted to thank you for this, bc I deeply believed that was also how I felt during those situations. Still we are the same, it's just that we are referred to a specific nature that are also theorized by humans.

I find this talk… individualistic. Maybe these introvert and extrovert terms have been too extrapolated and generalized from how Dr. Carl Jung coined them. Maybe these are more aking to learned skills like inputing and outputing information. And maybe, when you mention "amboverts" you find a balance in between both levels, listening carefully and communicating as much as they can in the small window. Now that's a model we can build a society on!

Edit: what a conclusion ma'am: if we give more freedom and knowledge to individuals, they would fill their potential, both introvertly and extrovertly.

It's difficult being an introvert in a society that has become very social. Also introverts may be targeted by bad people because they like to be alone most of the time. I can only imagine how it must be for school age introverts nowadays.

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