The REAL VALUE of the Ecco Verde Advent Calendar 2019

We bought the Ecco Verde Advent Calendar 2019 – the Face & Hair Care edition – for € 69,99.

What is in it? Was it worth the money? And what’s the REAL VALUE? Does this advent calendar make us happy and do we recommend it? Find out in this short video!

*** About the prices and value ***

Prices vary across stores and the internet of course. We got the price of every product from the site of Ecco Verde. Sometimes it was a smaller sized product (not available for purchase), we then calculated the value of the product proportionally to the volume. If the product was not available at Ecco Verde at all, we looked the price up elsewhere, starting with the site of the manufacturer.

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Disclaimer: we are not sponsored by any of the mentioned brands. This is our personal account and we give our own and true opinion about this advent calendar.

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