The secret to self control | Jonathan Bricker | TEDxRainier

Jonathan Bricker’s work has uncoved a scientifically sound approach to behavior change that is twice as effective as most currently practiced methods. His new methods are driving new norms and new apps for how people quit smoking and decrease obesity, saving many people from an early death.

Jonathan Bricker is an internationally recognized scientific leader in a bold approach called acceptance and commitment therapy. A Stanford researcher called his use of the approach “a breakthrough in behavioral research [that] has major public health implications for the major causes of preventable death.” Bricker and his team, having received $10 million in total federal research grants to study this topic, are rigorously testing this intervention on multiple platforms, including smartphone apps, websites, and telephone coaching. His SmartQuit app for quitting smoking was recently launched and is now in distribution worldwide.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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A very useful talk! I do agree with Jonathan – avoidance is not a strategy. And same principles applies to negative emotions. For a long time in my life, I used to try and fight through feelings of helplessness, shame and guilt. But what I have learnt is that you occasionally have to sit in them for a while in order to develop effective strategies to help you through.

Also wholeheartedly agree with the notion of supportive self talk. We must learn to give ourselves the grace and kindness that we readily dish to others. This is how you can combat change.

If keen to know more about this, then worth checking out my Youtube channel where I share some tips from the transformation process I have been on for the past three years.

I’m so disappointed in myself. I lost it in the grocery store. It was busy and everyone’s cart were in the way and I was fuming until I got out of there. I’m disgusted. I need anger management treatment or I will lose everything! 😢

But what if I don't want to fightt this cravings. I feellike distracting myself from them is the only way. I am addicted to social media ant the internet. I tried to tell myself that I should stop, that its not good for me. But I always asked myselff this one little question: "Why?". I dont like studying and I love the Inteernet. Why should I stop, I'll never be smart anyways (dont try to tell me, that its just low self esteem, I know how high my IQ is). Why should I study If I end up as a cleaning lady anyways. I'll just have more fun until I'd have to go to work…. This method doesn't work for me, the only method possible woud be if I had strict parents.

This seems so effective; focus on what you can control and leave the rest. I'm a huge snacker and I've tried dieting and working out so much but it hasn't worked. It also doesn't help that I stress eat and have a lot of cravings. I've gained so much weight in the last 3 months that I currently weight more than my mom (who is in her late 40's and the mother of 5 kids!!!!!!). I'm definitely going to try this out and see how it works. Fingers crossed!!!

We have this light in our garage that turns on when you walk by it. If you stay in the garage, the only way to turn it off is to stop moving for a while. I think you can see a parallel there.

Wow, i think this is really effective for over eating and addictions, thank you for sharing, if my boyfriend left me, i will allow myself to get lonely then get up 😁😁

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