The Sega Genesis Mini is totally radical, you guys

Taking a page from Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic consoles, the Sega Genesis Mini is the perfect blend of value, game library and near-flawless emulation. There’s not much to complain about unless you really wanted to play Boogerman. That game’s not in here. Jeff Bakalar’s here to give you a tour.

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Sega Genesis Mini: Hands-on with a treasure trove of Gen-X memories:

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That volume level adjuster basically would lower the volume on the 3 watt or so output. So it would make an already quiet signal even quieter if you were using headphones. It was better suited to use as a source to a bigger stereo instead of a headphone output.

Vectorman is and was garbage, and waaaaaay worse than Altered Beast, much less a lot of these games.

It’s awesome castle of illusion and wonderboy 4 are on this, but I wish they were on the console collections.

Also wish Ecco was the vastly better SEGA cd version.

Also wish it included 6 button controllers. Oh well, there’s a few actually rare but great games on here plus the usual suspects.

I really wanted this but them not putting the 6 button controllers killed it for me for some games its absolutely needed and to pay extra money to buy 2 more controllers is doing way too much they should have been on here

I made a Genesis mini that plays all gamegear, Genesis, master system Japan, mega drive, sc 1000, sg 3000, 32x, and Sega cd. All full rom sets. And 2 6 button controllers for 110$. Much better deal

Could have had some games on there that’s shouldn’t have been let out..
Sonic 3 & knuckles …..ristar…..alien soldier…….monico gt2…Mortal kombat ….pulseman…..

I mean other than neat looking piece of plastic what is the point of these things anymore because all the ROMs I can get online and I can just run my own emulators and I don't have to spend anything? So why even have these?

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