The Value Pack BDO Class Tier List – 5/31/2019

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My suggestion for a change to the game is remove stamina all together lol. It would probably break some classes but I don't care I hate running out of stamina and being able to do nothing

Kinda disagreed that Striker and Mystic are C for large scale as a warrior because they're the best frontline classes, but that just goes to show the state of frontline classes. No one can survive being in the front. Overall I agreed with the tier list and appreciated your insight and reasoning!

You know what I heard? 1v1 is important because it affects grind speed.

If I kill you, your grind speed is 0. And mine is better kek

The tier for maehwa is fine. Sadly. I just have a more positive outlook to encourage players to overcome the hurdles. I will say the grind is closer to musa. We just suck at manshaums and Aakman. Thats it. Hystria and underwater brings is more money anyways. So irrelvent imo. Beyond that I agree. Large scale just weights so much more in this game as far as success is concerned. 1v1 weights more when considering grind spots. Imo. So its all about which way you want to play. Its so much so that I encourage ppl to ask for duels for spot, sometimes I even offer duel for spot during my grind when someone comes over because I'm confident but also to help break up the grind. I hate grinding -_-

to help you figure out a tier to place it in
S – 5 star
A – 4 star
B – 3 Star
C – 2 Star
D – 1 Star
Rate the class in each category, and average your rating at the end
Siege (5) Node war (4) 1v1 (2) pve (3)
average in this example (3.5) (B or B+)

I think this might help you discuss exactly which points you really disagree on.

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