The Warfighters: Full Episode – Ranger Machine (Season 1, Episode 10) | History

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A team of U.S. Army Rangers leads a covert operation to take out a group of high value targets. Deep in enemy territory it’s the implicit trust amongst the team that allows them to overcome hurdle after hurdle in Season 1, Episode 10, “Ranger Machine”. #TheWarfighters
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“The Warfighters” is a harrowing portrayal of the triumphs and sacrifices endured by the United States Special Operations Forces on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq. Driven by first-person storytelling, archival footage, and original cinematic sequences, each episode is a visceral and personal perspective of the human experience of war.

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"Some people need to be killed. And that's how it is.
You know? That's just how the world is.
There's social taboos that say it's bad, but really, I mean, there's just people that need to go away."

I remember that mission after he was dead. We raided so many villages in one night. I remember raiding almost 100 house in 12 hours window at white gold village. I ran into Nick the reaper that night.

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