Things to Know Before You Buy a USED Computer

Things to Know Before You Buy a USED Computer

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Things to Check before Buying a Refurbished Computer

1. Research the computer you’re interested in purchasing (Whats it Worth) are they branded parts? or cheap generic parts, whats your budget? and will it do all you want it to do? can you upgrade it? Only buy from from trusted sellers

2. What is the approximate age of the computer? used computers can look brand new even though they are several years old, don’t be scammed.

3. Pay what you think its worth and no more, don’t be fooled by lovely LED fans and lights. You definitely don’t want to end up paying modern day prices for a computer that’s really quite old in tech years. Its important to know what used computers typically sell for by searching for it on eBay or other types of used pc sites.

4. If you don’t know a lot about computers, take along a knowledgeable friend who can help you decide what the accurate value of the system is.

5. Before you meet the seller, make sure its at there home and take your testing software with you to save time. GPU Test, CPU Test etc etc Take your time to test the system fully to make sure it works as it should, because they will unlikely let you return it once you paid..

6. Watch out for people off loading there old junk and over pricing it. watch out for people who put together parts off eBay and sell them, these can be old dell or hp machines put into a new case. walk away.

7. What do you want the computer for? gaming, video editing? Photo editing? general use? don’t buy stuff you don’t need ie monitor, speakers, mouse keyboard etc etc this bumps the price up. Choose the right computer for your needs.

8. Is there a returns policy? warranty? its unlikely, but worth checking.

These are just some things to look out for when buying used pc parts or used computers. Read the small print and make sure its works with any faults.

Hope this Guide to buying a used PC or Laptop computer helped you out.

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100% agreed, 100% thumbs up, 100% TYVM! Telling you have no idea about the french market for used computers lol. They're all 100% scammers and sooooooooooooo ridiculous sellers. Peace 😎 .

Brian, can you help me at all. I bought a PF 3650 Primefilm scanner(35mm) some years ago and With latest Win10Pro, I cannot get it to work.
It is looking for drivers, but when I do online search, comes up with nothing. If it's useless now, at least I can just throw it away.

Hey Britec09, i have questions or anyone.

How can i rename my audio devices, microphone, and speakers?

They keep saying its "Microphone (2- Sound Blaster3DI)"
They keep saying its "Speakers (2- Sound Blaster3DI)"

How do i remove the 2-?

"it's been put together pretty poorly" okay, that's where I end the video. First, no mention of how custom builds like the one you're showing at the start are far better than store models, and then you slam how it's put together when all of the cables are neatly out of the way of the motherboard. You can see a small jumble at the front and assume everything by that when for all you know, they're neatly tied together to be kept towards the front.

"It's not the bestest cpu in the world" Well, I don't think anyone gives a crap if it's the best CPU when it's 3.7ghz. I was running GTA V just fine on a dual core 3.0ghz with only 4gb of ram. If you don't mind playing at a low framerate, the game still plays smooth. I'm not that picky though. For people who are not gamers, this system is a dream come true.

The 2nd hand computer market can be daunting, dressing up donkeys to be stallions! Add a bit of RGB to make it look modern.

(Arthur Daley and Del Boy spring to mind)

I 've found 90/95% of 'used gaming' computers on sites like EBay to be well overpriced Brian….The computers I've bought have been local to my area (within 10 miles) purchases…..Like you I do loads of research and offer what I believe to be a fair price – It's then a question of take it or leave it..Have a great week mate!

Bad Move by you Brian @ 7.15 mins of Vid when talking about " Forums" …. You Should have Pushed Yours to the Fore BECAUSE it's a Great Forum … Thanks For the Vid mate

I look for Computers have a Intel Core i7 (4th Gen) i7-4790K Quad-core (4 Core) 4 GHz Processor or AMD FX-4300 Quad-core (4 Core) 3.80 GHz Processor and GeForce GTX 10 or 20 Series Graphics Cards

ya, I always check like this. also I am a pc repairman so must check all configurations and all stuff. I like this video and learn more, love you, Brian. thanks.

Also if a computer comes with any other preinstalled software look elsewhere or just wipe the computer right after you get it. Most of the software thats advertised with computers on sold on eBay is stolen/pirated. I've heard that its a huge security risk.

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