This is NOT San Mai

Yesterday I erroneously called the steel I was working with San Mai. That is not correct. Here’s why.
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This channel has sort of turned (inadvertently) into a knife making channel. But the original idea behind what we wanted it to be is this description below:

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Ha ha! And now the love affair begins! When you etch your first petty kitchen blade in layered steel and handle it with an ebony bolster and stabilized burl for the handle with a thin stainless or white fiber spacer you will feel like you are on a new level. So happy to see you going down this road Jeremy! 👍

Hmmm that's a debate and a half, san-mai or not ….the jacket that would have been traditionally used would have been forged and folded many times from "bloom steel" aka layers. But I guess calling it a "clad knife" is easier for semantics. It does add a cool depth to a small knife, great work 👍

you did it again damn it. using something and I have to go out and buy. Spent over $200 on metal to use this stuff. Over the years I have bought so many things that you have shown. And I have to say everyone is used all the time. thanks for everything.

Hey I recently started using instant coffee so I do the acid dipping for 3 min then coffee for 2 hours or more and if you would have done this your knife would really stand out .

maybe you aimed too high with the material the first time showing a forging video, i still liked the shape. is not about the finish line but the road that took you there.

Oh I think it is San Mai even if you laminate two pieces of Damascus /pattern welded steel on the outsides of a high carbon steel it is still a San Mai or 3-Layer steel type. You can use Damaskus techniques to forge weld low carbon steel, cables, chainsaws etc. Together just for the look. I've done this sometimes before and I have no problem with it. Once I took all cut off pieces together and sandwiched it with a file in the middle….Just for fun and It's not super beautiful knife but it still cuts very well. Have a great day.

To clarify since most of the viewers are just running with any definition they think works I guess, not even sure haha San Mai is 3 layers like Jeremy said. That's it, no multi layer nonsense with 30 layers of this and that Lol The REAL San Mai is a jacketed carbon steel surrounded by to mild steels or even wrought iron, that's still 3 total layers. Sure can call it whatever but the real stuff is an outer layer wrapped with a carbon steel layer, to those that are still arguing your right. Go to Japan, ask an old smith that's been doing it longer then we've been alive, I'll wait 😉 Thanks Jeremy, your absolutely correct on this one.

The neck knife turned out amazing! The lines in the steel sure force your grinding skills to be on point! On the other knife, grind one side up to the spine (to ensure your carbon is at the edge) and then do a chisel grind on the other side and make it a japanese style. Then the carbon steel being off-center won't matter.
Keep up the nice work! (Hey, incidentally – where in Canada are you? Looks like outside the Ottawa area, am I close?)

Lol Honestly Jeremy I didn't wanna bust your bubble yesterday haha You were so excited and it looked great but was it your mispronunciation or what is the seller who told you it was San Mai?? Sadly alot of sellers just slap random names on the mass produced steel and run with it, yes if you get an accredited seller they won't do that but I've seen some crazy shit Lol My metal supplier learns something every time I place an order. I'm the ONLY person requesting crazy steels and high and low carbon steel, mainly they sell cold and hot rolled, that's all. He's told me he had a certain steel, I drive 40 mins there and find out he had some regular steel he was sold to believe was a unique steel. It's not super common but it's out there, misleading sellers I mean haha Thanks for clarifying tho!! Still turned out cool!!

I was told that even laminated steel like yours can be called san-mai, because these "three layers" are: soft – hard (core) – soft, so if your outer layers aren't hardable, only core, it's san-mai. About your foredom sand paper fixture: They are available in stores for jewelers

Not sure if creative grinding could flatten the knife and center the core at the same time. If it could I'm sure you'd have thought of that. Or see how far back you have to take the edge to uncover a centered core, might only be really wavy at the very edge?

Hey jay knife looks great 1 thing to note when making layers steel after the acid etch try an instant coffee etch it really makes the high carbon look darker and more pronounced vs the lower carbon it just makes it pop

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