Top 10 Best Value Analog Watches Around $100 With Real Brand History

In today’s video I give a 2018 update to one of the most requested price ranges I am asked about on my channel. Whether you are just getting into watches or fancy an inexpensive bit of extra fun for your collection, this video is for you!

A common misconception about traditional analog watches is that you have to pay a lot of money to buy a watch from a brand with a rich history of watchmaking. In this episode I look at 10 affordable and great value options from brands with either a long established past or that are of horological importance.

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I never knew Braun made watches. I'm sure they make my tooth brush 😂.

Might have to look into that Invicta as I never knew that they did cheap, minimal-ish stuff.

I'm looking for a diver, was thinking an orient mako but that Invicta is cheaper and will still work well.. mainly because of Seiko 🙂👍

I own one of these Invicta watches and I don't care where the shape, style, and look came from, the watch works great. Unless someone else paid for it why would I care about any negative view of what I paid for?

Bill gates was on Colbert recently and the watch he wore got my attention. What does one of the wealthiest men in the world wear on his wrist? It was a Casio diver? That floored me. But respect to him for that. For us mere mortals Casio is a special brand. The Gshock, the gold face arnie From kindergarten cop, Marty McFly’s (and wade watts from ready player one) calculator watch the old databank. Beautiful watches from happier times.

I have the exact Invicta in the video for the last 3 years as a work watch still runs very accurate and has aged well but it's actually 38mm i believe the pro driver is i think the grand diver is 40 mm

I gotta say that Lorus watches really are a bang for the buck, I own a couple of them and I've heard that their brand is owned by Seiko, so pleaseeeee do a review on one

I love my invicta pro diver. Fit and finish is so good, invicta haters can't help but admit… "I guess it's OK" And the invicta fanboys don't like them because they are not blingy enough or the size of a manhole cover. i'm gonna start modding mine , use it as a red shirt before i start modding my seiko srp777.

Is there atop ten vintage watch list yet? … there are a few nice Citizen automatic watches for under 25 dollars. They say 21 jewels and have a day/date window. I’m getting one regardless, but I wanted to see your list

Hi, my Seiko collection is taking a rest with a new addition, The Bulova Precisionist 96B158. Not sure what name they label it with but it is a gorgeous timepiece. It is polished stainless case with applied indices over a detailed counter-clockwise swirl grey charcoal face with date complication. I wear it on a dark green cordura strap which compliments the watch very well. It is a largish watch with a 10mm profile. Take some time to check this beauty out.

I like your site and respect your judgement most of the time. But my ownership of an invicta was a nightmare. Wont go into the details yet again but i hate that company so much that i will never buy anything including other companys they have bought.
Anyway keep up the good work. Your unpretentous style is refreshing. I ignore that german guy that for some reason has it out for you.
I also watch archie L just for comic relief. Hes like watching a train wreck.
The thing i like about your site, pedegree aside is that you seem to be a man with integrity.
My father once said, class isnt something you can buy.
I know people with rolex ap, vc, etc.
I get the most joy out of unboxing a new orient,seiko,casio.
My dream watch is a lange and sonne. Any model or year…Mostly because im related to the family waay back. hmmm wonder if theyd give me a family discount?

"BEING A NEW YORKER…" You meant someone else. You are also, SO CLEAN.

You have to check how you pronounce Bulova and Braun. Braun is simple, it is pronounced BROWN, in Germany. Bulova is not a Russian woman, the emphasis in on the Bul.
Ask a New Yorker.

I have a deep appreciation for horology as many of you do, and one can't help to admire the amazing and affordable time pieces out there, but the sheer look of disgust on a snobby collector's face when I wear an Invicta truly completes my persona. Besides, for the average civilian a 40 dollar quartz pro diver offers the same level of utility as a 9k+ submariner.

Funny.The size of the Casio duro was one of the main reasons I purchased it. I’m a fairly large guy so anything smaller then 40mm feels kind of tiny on me.

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