Top 5 Budget Pistols
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You make the 50 line look easy! I like the S&W 645 at 50. Looooooovvvvvvvve the 645! Smith is and will always be Great. Never had a problem that they wouldn’t resolve post haste! Actually only ONE problem ever and they sent me Two plastic buffers free for my semi 22! No questions asked! Love them. Please keep up the great content!

If we're talking reliable, budget minded 9mm auto loaders, the ruger security 9 should have at least gotten an honorable mention, and the Taurus g2c should have been ON the list, not just an honorable mention.

Man that brought back memories when you mentioned the Tanfoglio. Was one of my first handguns, a 25 caliber Giuseppe Tanfoglio that was apparently stolen from a truck at a Golds gym. Ended up turning it in when I found out

I have heard some many good things about the EEA Tanfoglio pistol that it has gotten my attention. Now that the Honest Outlaw gives it a thumbs up it will be on the purchase list for this year. I think that this pistol is an excellent acquisition for those that want to introduce pistols to friends that are new to shooting.

Hi point is far from competent. Reliable? My ass.
That’s straight misleading and can put people in danger when using for self defense.
The grip is bad the action is poor and failures are one round away.
I know because living near the plant and every crackhead in Ohio possessing a few I literally found one in an alley which was a normal thing.
Parts of them post shatter could be found anywhere in the ghetto during the 90’s and 2000’s.
The one I found we bet on whether it would work or explode in hand and luckily it didn’t do either.
The metal is pot metal on slide and shatters like cheap plastic after some rounds. Failure to feed is the number one problem with battery jams abundant.
It is so bad the .380 and 9 versions literally were a danger to wield and a class action lawsuit put the company in bankruptcy.
Horrible company and products but I’ve tested many of there products and only one actually was acceptable and that was the 995(ts) or its big brother 4095 functioned through real world abuse.
The others were a plethora of issues mostly the slide cracking or breaking in half causing injury by laceration.
Save $40 more bucks and buy a DB or Taurus or Bersa.

Where the fuck are you people buying guns for under $300?? I look online everywhere and can't find it anywhere! The M&P for example, each site I look lists it higher than the last one.

My browning Hi Power was plenty accurate at 50 yards. Don't know why someone would think they can't be. Maybe they have just never owned an accurate pistol, or they can't shoot very well. It is more of a crap shoot with a handgun though. Some are really acurate some not so much.

I have a c9 (highpoint) and I’m stuck with it. I can’t find anyone willing to buy it off me and I DO NOT want to take the thing shooting. Buy a g2c instead and you’ll have a real gun that is capable and enjoyable to shoot.

Demo ranch shot the high point 3 times … then sent one down the barrel afterwards… g2c is the way to go though.. sw is always a winner. Stop supporting the non American company block that hates its customers! every pro reviewer and customer in the past 30 has complained about their toy gun sights, unnatural grip angle and horrible triggers, yet these idiots supported them . Hampering innovation for 30 years! Now.. sw 2.0 .. g2c show up… everyone of the non thinking … idiots is butt hurt
.. buy your glock .. then spend 200 more just for sights… 300 for trigger, just so u can shoot it…all u gun guys disgust me! … sell outs! Your actions, hurt us all! For 30 years now! I explain to others.. just how stupid they are! SELL YOUR POS GLOCK! WHILE U CAN GET MONEY FOR IT.. IT WILL NOT BE WORTH MUCH SOON! Mark my words

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