Under Construction Part 5 Full | Chad Everett | The Roads Church Mount Carmel

You are the Church, and God wants to build the Church in You, with You and beyond You. What does it mean for God to build the Church “In” me? When God builds the Church “In” you – He’s not building a building or an organization – but rather He’s building each individual person in the body. There are many members with many functions a part of one body – the CREW and the CREW member. A strong crew member equals a strong crew, and a stronger crew can now make more and stronger crew members and on and on. You are valued. You have what others need inside of you. God wants to mature us so that we go from consumer to contributor with all of our abilities – who you are.

Do you know the value of your individual function? Are you building it? Do you know that who you are is more important that what you do? Are you building your spiritual abilities by overcoming resistance?

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