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July 10th-15th

Be You, Be Authenic, Be Beautiful”- TarotQB💕💕

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👋 🔮My name is Bre A.K.A Tarot Queen Bre!! Gemini is my sun sign, Scorpio is my ascendant sign and I am a Pisces moon!! I am natural Intuitive, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Reiki Master and Tarot Interpreter! I have the ability to see and hear the unknown!! I love what I do as this is my true passion!!


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30 Minute General Love Reading!
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1hr. of Reiki 77.77 《 1hr of distant  angelic healing》To promote physical and emotional wellbeing♡

** Charkra Clearing and Balancing **
1hr. 77.77 ** To open and balance those chakras which have been blocked through trauma. Balancing them to help the client achieve the enlighment needed..

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Dear Divine Feminine,

It’s ok if your Divine Masculine does not see your worth because you should see it in you itself first. It’s time for the Divine Feminine Collective to LEVEL UP by shifting the focus to themselves. As twins we will always be connected, even if it’s just in the 5D now. We are multidimensional beings, this journey goes way beyond 3D union.

Divine Feminine it is TIME TO RISE! 💕👑💃🏽💅🏾

Anyone can interpret dreams?

Last night i dreamt i saw my self and both arms under my skin had an design in black ink .

The design it like dots and different design but then at my risk area had a square design like a box all in black ink too

I do not know what it means and it hard to explain but i can draw it

Could it be black magic done to him or it could be both of us ?

I was beginning to consider walking away – I dreamed about him and he specifically said “don’t give up and don’t give up on me. Then I was wakened from the dream abruptly – my phone started to play rascal flats “what hurts the most” – no warning, no reason, no Bluetooth or WiFi.

I will not walk away, for now. He went to the LT GF abruptly. I’m thinking it wasn’t his choice from the last convo we had. He has been silent since December and he looks over thin, tired and sad when I see him lately.

I'm good good good…he's GONE, I HOPE & PRAY!! I realized I was angry for a while. I was angry because it seemed that everyone kept saying he was coming back. I Dont want that. He can stay gone, stay with Karmics, hell I dont care. I just need him to not bring his half communicating ass AWAY from me. I NEED & DESERVE SOOOOO MUCH MORE!!

Spot on Thankyou, Younger Air sign, in and out energy, just used me but I think he does care deep down, trying to just get on with life and keeping my options open for real love 🙏🕊️💖Blessings for the reading x

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