Web Notes: Dollar Bills Worth Money Hiding in Your Wallet!

In this video I teach you how to spot a web note. Web notes are bank notes from the united states that were produced in 1988, 1993, and 1995, using an experimental printing process. These bank notes are surprisingly not that difficult to find (way easier to find than silver certificates, for example) but can be worth some solid money! — Visit www.thesilverpicker.com to learn more!

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I'm almost 60 and been pulling the silver certificates out of circulation since I was 6. It's been about 2 years since I found one and 5 years ago my wife accidental took 10 and paid for a pizza.

I was wondering if you could help me with something. I have a few coins that I'm not sure if they are worth anything or not. I have a nickel with a buffalo on it and an Indian on it, and a quarter with an eagle on it and a man standing up on it. I wish I could send a picture of them on here. Does anyone know? I realize it's difficult without u being able to see them.

My old job was a produce/ice cream place. When I went to go get more ones for the register I noticed the strap of 50 was mostly all 1988a and a couple 1993 and 1995s and I’m like this is odd so I’ll keep them all. And I wound up needing money one time and was about to spend them but something told me not to. So a year later I learned about webnotes and checked them. Turns out I now have 50 webnotes and some are consecutive!! Crazy how I almost spent them.

By your description, (blue & star note) I just checked the $1 I laminated years ago to preserve for my son. Is it depreciated since I laminated it (soft adhesive kind from Staples) Yikes! Please advise

Thank you for the valuable information you share on your videos.
I have a question:
I have two star notes..one is a 100.00 dollar star note and a 20.00 dollar 🌟 note.
I am willing to sell if anyone is interested.
I don't know the worth.
Both notes are in really nice condition.
Thank you

I do like t learn about this kind of stuff. I finally subscribed! My question is, when you do find something like this, how and where do sell it? Ebay isn't the only option is it? Thank you for the video.

I was just searching a stack of dollars for web and fancy notes. Have gone thru many completely forgetting about these notes, but last few searches have checked for them. No luck yet, but eventually… That example note was pretty darn nice! I found a few star notes and fancy notes, but have about 100 to go. Wish me luck! Thanks Silverpicker!

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