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1. Degree Equivalency – https://applications.wes.org/ca/degree-equivalency-tool/
2. GPA Calculator: https://applications.wes.org/igpa-calculator/

Do you know a Master’s degree from your country (e.g. India) might not be recognisable in Canada? Every credential you have from your home country must be evaluated according to Canadian standards to make it valid in Canada. WES is one of the organisation which evaluates the education credentials and gives a report saying how well the degree from your home country is equivalent to Canadian standards. In short, WES does foreign degree evaluation. WES stands for World Education Services.

WES is very important for graduate students who are trying to apply for express entry for permanent residency. You can get up to 119-131 points if you have the foreign transcript evaluation report. International students should get their degree evaluated as soon as possible. WES assessment costs something around $240 and we will discuss about the application procedure in our next video.

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plz sir. many students has a confusion.
1) will WES Evaluate Indian ITI COURSE 1 YRS??
2) will WES Evaluate indian 3 years diploma course as a "3 years post secondary course" in Canada?

I want my 12 class mark sheet certificate evaluated..so van i aaply for this ..because the foreign university are asking for Transcript and Transcript can only be taken when you have a WES reference no. Kindly tell me the entire process how to get Transcript from WES

I am planning to apply aipp through an agent in dubai ,they are saying for aipp eca from icas is mandatory ..is it true or I can proced with any other assasement authority if anybody have clarity kindly guide me

Hello, I have two queries regarding ECA for immigration to Canada by express entry.

1) I have a Master's of Technology degree, so I don't need to do evaluation of my bachelor's degree, is that correct?

2) My university is sending the transcripts to WES directly. I need to know about three options for degree copy.

Option A-

Can I fax my degree to WES?

Option B-

Or do I need to send the degree myself by courier?

Option C-

Or can I also ask my university to send the degree copy along with the transcripts in one single envelope?

Please let me know if all three options are acceptable?

Dear Ravi, Do I need to send my bachelors diploma with my master's diploma or sending my master's one will be enough? and if I send them both, do I have to pay double?
Thanks for your reply in advance

If my WES is 4 years old can I submit for Canada PR purposes? before going to Canada I am doing my WES so I have to do it again or after 4 years if I apply for PR can I use this WES report, In short is 4 years old WES report valid for Canada Pr purpose

Hi Ravi just I need to send all my transcripts and original degree memo along with the form which we need to download load and get it signed by university that's it right
Please suggest me if I'm missing anything it's my humble request

Hey! You just mentioned that if u have a professional license for some fields then we can claim points to same as a master's degree – 126. Are you really sure about it? because WES website clearly mentions that it doesnt evaluate any credential such as licenses!

Please help me , I have B. tech in electrical engineering from distance University (Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan vidhyapeeth University) this university is WES list but Canada will give me score for this degree , will they accept this as bachelor or they accepted only full time course. ? Please guide me. Your answer will be appreciated and will be helpful for me . Thank you

I have done BBA 3yrs course n then one year Bachelor of Library and inf. sci. course equivalent to bachelore. So should I choose one or more degree couse one of which more than 3 years, right? In calculating CRS point. Thanks.

Hey ravi,

Could you please tell me — I got sealed and stamped transcripts from my university and i also paid the amount yesterday to WES and got the reference no. but now i am confused that which documents i have to send with the transcript

1. Is degree copies required ?
2. Do i have to enclosed transcript envelope in another big envelope?
3. Do i have to mention WES no. on both envelope ? if yes then where i have to write ?

have questions/

what i will put? let say WES evaluated my credentials. In my country I finished BACHELOR OF SCIENCE 4 years of study but WES assessed my credential and the results is 2 YEAR COMMUNITY CERTIFICATE in CANADA.

what credential i will put in EXPRESS ENTRY? the one in my country or ASSESSED BY WES? thank you very much

Sir, I have send my documents almost 21 Days ago and when I tracked it in google it shows it has delivered before 13 Days ago then why I’m not getting any mails that either they received or not. I’m bit confused what to do next does it takes more days to know whether they received or not and when will I get my reports?

I appreciate your efforts in making the video. Sir, I have couple of Doubts & I need your assistance. Firstly, I don't have credit card. I want to make a payment through western union. Therefore I need the steps for that. Secondly, Should I use courier/India post for sending my transcripts envelope & what will be the cost for sending documents?

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