What is a Star Note | Valuable Serial Number worth money | What is the significance of a Star Note

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Little information on what Star Notes are and how to know if one you have may be rare/valuable. What is a Star Note? Is it valuable? Should I keep it? We will show you how to find out if its rare! What are they worth?

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My husband just brought me money from scratch lotto four dollars one of them is a star note I am always looking at seal looking for different color i was just so surprised to find one

I have 3 $1 bills that have a number that is raised above the rest of the serial numbers . Some have little ink / hair lines through out the bills some of the serial numbers are thicker in ink stamping . Would really like to know what these are worth. Have not seen any of the errors I have on eBay or anything. Thank you

Hi my name is Doug S. My star not runs pretty high on the rare scale. It's a 2013 1dollar note. It's j00017266*. Only 250,000 was printed total. It's in good condition. Could u find out its value. Thank you!!!.

I've been using my currency collection.com for about a year now and they are awesome to tell you everything but the only thing they don't tell you is how much the bill is worth so Dave who runs the website recommended a book and I have been looking for the book can't find it can't find it at Barnes & Noble can't find it at Half Price Books I'm sure I can probably find it on Amazon but do you personally know a quick easy inexpensive way of finding out how much my Star notes are worth please let me know I would appreciate it a lot I'm new to your Channel

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