What is History for?

The fundamentals about History and why we need it.
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You need a balance of both good and bad the good to be more advanced and the bad as a reminder to look for signs of any repeats, this is why we have the saying anyone who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it for the bad parts can teach us the mistakes that where made and how we can try to evolve from it. You can not change the past but learn from it as much as you can!

Learning History had never been boring for me, it was simply enjoyable to learn the past of my country and other countries such as learning about how they are formed and how their past made them to be what they are today, I prefer Ancient history though, it gives me a feel around a country on how they lived before Christ or just simply in the ancient times, ancient history gives me the origins of a country, a civilization or the origin of a modern word. I like learning about Greek myths or basically any myth, it gives you how the old civilization believed things as it is. And don't get me started on the Punic Wars and how Hannibal crossed the alps-

Anyways, it's such a shame that students nowadays aren't interested in history whatsoever and are focused on their future and won't pay attention the important lessons that history gave them. It would've been better if they both focused on their future and pay attention to the history so they won't commit the same mistakes their predecessors did. And if they had not known about history, they wouldn't know who to thank for the modern day objects or gadgets, they wouldn't know how to learn from mistakes in the past and they would live their lives not knowing what the past was like.

I love history but I'm still a teen that only knows little of it but I can tell that it is really fun to learn about and I can tell that it is important to our lives. I just pray that even though I'm old I will still love history like I do today. I try to teach my friend about history but they won't pay attention only few of them do.

It is dangerously naive to want to functionalize a subject and make it dependent on the value we consciously derive of it today. How do we know? I think history should be studied for its own sake, by people who are curious and want to "escape" the present. There is nothing wrong with that and who knows – their work can help future generations.
As a philosopher (a real one, I wrote a phd) I admire mr. de Botton's project, but it remains important to be critical about the claims he makes. I am trying to get in touch with the man to reintroduce that essential philosophical attitude of self-criticism.

Im pretty sure our country teach history a bit differently because.. its not in english but in our language.
For some reason i dont really like my own country and language, yea im sorry but i just cant help feel that way. Our language sounds more rough to me compare to other language. 😕 i want to learn history in english.. thought maybe i can understand better without having to repeat what they said 100 times

If a student has a fascination for history then they should have an elective. Students shouldn't be graded for something boring and pointless in life. Students shouldn't get an F for not knowing what year a certain event happen at.

We are at the beginning of a new era of modernization of the Internet. Kind of like at the early 1900's from horse to cars…the introduction to modernization..from no electricity to new technology. This is a new modernization to our world. The new technologic advancement. Cyber optics, automation , stem cell research ,etc. modernizing in vaccines as well. Its quite fascinating really.

I am so glad I watched this video!! It has given me a new found respect for history. Acquiring knowledge from our past, our learning experiences and what became of them, ,allows us to resolve issues currently unfolding. We just need to reflect on ideas that were generating relevantly during respectable times in our past, and consider the outcomes those ideas or decisions had.

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