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Cressco labs is merging with OGI it will be one company. Not sure if heard about this . They are saying cressco labs will be number one in U.S.. have you heard about the merger. Also saying will be bigger then canopy growth. What's your opinion on this

Could you kindly give any insight on OWCP? I believe it is a gold mine that is ready to explode soon. It is up 600% in one month but many believe it will 34,000% up this year.

FDA Office is coming to Israel. perfect timing forPsoriasis patent that is already allowed by USPTO! smile

Did you know Skin Disease cream has already passed the safety trial successfully with a less than $200K cost? smile

US lawmakers call for a Food and Drug Administration office in Israel
Letter signed by over a dozen representatives says opening regional FDA office will ‘facilitate collaboration in life-saving research'

25 November 2019

A regional office of the US’s Food and Drug Administration should be opened in Israel, a bipartisan group of lawmakers said.

A letter sent Friday to the secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, said that “as a global leader in innovation, Israel’s world class medical research programs have spurred breakthrough developments in medical technologies, pharmaceuticals, and other advancements in medicine that have positively impacted the global health system. We believe establishing an FDA office in Israel would facilitate collaboration in life-saving research and is a natural step for strengthening the special relationship between our countries.”

The FDA currently operates 13 regional offices around the world: in China, India, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Jordan.

“Some of Israel’s largest exports to the United States are pharmaceuticals and medical instruments, which accounted for approximately $5.3 billion in 2018. Agricultural exports total an additional $400 million annually. We believe placing a regional FDA office in Israel would build on this mutually beneficial cooperation by improving avenues for communication between researchers and regulators and shortening the application process for Israeli companies interested in exporting these goods to the United States,” the letter said.


I use Questrade, what I find is that for some trades you may pay more than $10 when buying or selling, some extra fees usually when buying US penny stocks, for now I'm keeping Questrade and my other bank/broker and depending on the trade I may go with one or another

Good video. I'm with TD WebBroker … $10 Buy + $10 Sell = $20 per trade. It's ok for BIG trading , but not good for small trading.
Apparently in the U.S.A. TD/Ameritrade has no fee trading. Canadians are taking a beating … the banksters are raking it in. I've been wondering how to switch my accounts TFSA , Cash, from TD WebBroker. I'll be watching your series on this. THX 🙂

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