Why I'm NOT Buying Tesla Stock, Bitcoin, Aurora Cannabis – Stock Market For Real Investors

Stock market investing for real investors is something done over a life cycle of investing, always keeping compounding over the long-term in mind and focusing on low risk/high reward.
I know such stock market investing is boring, not exciting as tesla stock or aurora or bitcoin, but I know it works over the long term and it allows you to build wealth.

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Gold compounds with the money supply growth globally at an average of 6-7% over time. When you consider the non-correlated price behaviour and no counter party risk that starts to look like a great return for the risk to add to a portfolio. Bitcoin is an emerging store of value and with imo a high probability of rivalling gold on a 30 year time horizon. Risk is high, but return potential is higher so adding 1-3% bitcoin to a portfolio is a no brainer.

Timely message Sven… As the market continues to rise, many are getting even more exuberant and dare I say arrogant. Because of this, I think people's mindsets have changed and risks are being ignored because of it.

Valuations are being ignored, with many just looking at the share price and sales growth. If sales growth looks solid, they expect share price to go up regardless of valuation and will blindly buy shares. In reality, these ticker symbols have a business behind them that needs to be valued.  The herd mentality is starting to play out IMO and it's not going to end well for many.  

In no way am I suggesting a bear market is coming tomorrow, but I'm very comfortable saying the risk in the market increases each and every day the averages end higher.

I'm not about to fight to tide, so I'm going to enjoy this rising market as much as anyone. I'm very prepared for it to end as well tho'. Thanks for the big picture thinking Sven.

Love that video. I got wild one day and put $40 into the big 4 weed stocks they are so low. $40 down side unlimited upside. Tank of gas basically . I am 99% dividend investor , but I believe weed is the next alcohol and there will be a winner at some point.

Diversify.There is no sure thing.Bitcoin can go to zero,so can the dollar.Take a long term view for a percentage of your portfolio ,a medium and short term for other assets.Stay curious,stay humble.These are interesting times.

Yeah this is a stupid attitude. Lumping Tesla into the same category as Bitcoin was a good clue as to how little thought you put into this. The reason shares return value is to reward foregone consumption which faciilitates capital investment. By identifying growth companies early, you will compound far more value over time. Tesla can potentially follow a similar path to Google, Amazon, Apple, AMD, Nvidia etc. As Buffett himself said, diversification is just ignorance insurance. The alternative is to not be ignorant. If you knew anything about Tesla, you'd have a different understanding of the risk.

Great stuff. I watch several youtube videos on how to trade in the stock market but haven't made any headstart because they are either talking some gibberish or sharing their story of how they made it and I do not want to make mistakes by taking risks in my own hands.

I own bitcoin and etherium and, I'm sorry, there is no speculation there. I am constantly buying a little bit of both. I completed my goal of 32ETH so when it transitions into proof of stake I can use my ETH to give me some passive income. I also have 1.5BTC because it iis a deflationary currency with a good chance of appreciation. There is also LINK, KYBER and Unibright, they are all linked to ETH and are part of the huge DeFi movement that is growing at double digit speeds. Beyond that you have the others coins I dont see solid use cases. There is also the coins linked to the performance of companies: Nexo, CEL and MCO, I personally don't have them, but you can buy CEL, stake them on Celsius, put your dollars there and get between 8~11% AA of interest return. Now, Tesla is increasingly becoming less and less speculative, I personally not on Tesla, but just because I consider DeFi a much bigger opportunity, there is almost no one there. DeFi is that kind of technology that will transform fractional banking forever, It will present you with a much more efficient use case for your capital, the cost of its operation is so much lower than fractional banking… For the banks it will be the case of transform itself or die.

Just dont give a f*** to whom called you an idiot. You are a damn brilliant value investor.
About Tesla, anyone with a brain and internet can easily find out what pump it.
So, let me join you on the idiots club, and we will see what will happen when cheap money printing is over and people start looking at fundamental.


bitcoins technology should have been used to provide decentralized internet. But instead it relies on ISP’s (the bottle neck). I would have preferred a free new internet over a currency. No crypto bull will mention this.

Stocks are speculative too, especially if they don't pay any dividends Sven! No amount of earnings business performance cause stocks to go up. The book the Ponzi Factor by Tan Liu goes into this at length. That being the case, please call stocks what they are, speculative plays that have no bearing on the quality or performance of their stocks. The stock market is a legally regulated, ponzi scheme.

Boring rich idiot 😂
Love it!
I have co workers who give me a hard time about being a dividend investor. They buy high & sell low or lose their money on penny stocks.
While my boring old dividend portfolio Is up 20%. Laughing to the bank!

Sven I appreciate this channel, very useful financial education for me. What do you think about Intel? For now AMD and Nvidia are the hot stocks, but Intel has a reasonable P/E around 14 and is having sustenaible earnings since a lot of years ago. Also I think it presents strong fundanentals in every division of the company for the future. Regards from Argentina!

I invested in tesla a year ago at 240$ a significant amount of my net worth. I was willing to wait years to keep growing it's revenues and technologies until i made any money. I sold 15% but holding the rest for long term. They are going to make a crazy amount of batteries. Also, their self driving ai is the best.

I think there is a place for gold and crypto in every portfolio, it's the context that's important, and they are both great systemic hedges that don't require more than a 50 basis point allocation, maybe a little more for gold (1-2%). You are correct that they will not generate yield, but my argument is that you should PHYSICALLY hold each asset (physical gold and offline crypto wallet) in a tiny amount, and never sell.
If the world (most likely) continues to move forward peacefully, growing economies, etc… the other 98% of your portfolio will continue to grow and you will quickly forget that you even have an allocation in these assets… BUT if that nightmare scenario ever happens (world war, currency collapse, market collapse, etc.) then your portfolio (and most people) will be wiped out, and it is very likely that these alternative assets will have such significant gains that they save you; will have significant RELATIVE purchasing power, which is what matters.
That is a cheap insurance policy.

Putting Tesla, Bitcoin and Aurora in the same sentence is wrong.

Tesla has a lot of value, a huge moat, and is basically Amazon 2.0.

I bought Tesla at 260… 30% of my portfolio. I studied it in extreme detail, learned shit about batteries and all that. I’m more sure on Tesla than anything else. Every instinct I had was screaming for me to go all in on Tesla but I didn’t because I refuse to put more than 30% in any stock.

I wouldn’t touch cannabis stocks or bitcoin or any of that stupid stuff with a pole.

Calling people who bought Tesla not real investors is just jealousy because they made more than you. Jeremy from Financial education is outperforming your portfolio, and one of his picks is Tesla. He will continue to outperform you because he understands investing is far more than cashflows and earnings, and people who only focus on these things will get left behind.

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