Why ramen is so valuable in prison

Instant ramen noodles have become like cash among inmates in the US.

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Cash is illegal in prisons. And that means everything from tuna to stamps to cigarettes have their own unique value in a trade and barter market.

But ramen has quickly taken over as the most in demand products the prison system offers.

Watch this video to see how ramen took over prison economies and why it’s the default item for trade among inmates.

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I use to trade my ramen for pepsi in prison. We only had 1L bottles of pepsi in com, so id give 1 pack for 2 bottles and i did drawings for 1 bottle… Im addicted to pepsi… Dont judge me… i just turned 18 when i went in, 4 months in prison 9 months house arrest after my prison term and 11 months probation after my house arrest term. But my 4th day in i was a nervous wreck, was drawing, a guy asked if id draw him something, said hed give me a pop so i said ok, he gave me a pepsi and i felt like i wasnt even in prison. Next morning he had my drawing on his left calf, and then when i found out about the ramen currency i asked my dad to get me 2 boxes, 56 ramen each now and then. My last day there i split my ramen up between the 4 guys that looked after me there so they each got 18 packs. And its not just the ramen that has value, some guys will strip the flavor packets out of them just to make other stuff edible, some guys usually the really big dudes will want the ramen for the carbs then they buy canned scollops from com so they can keep lifting.

Wouldn't this be against the law to deprive prisoners of food?
wait wait wait US government are not committing crimes?

this is technically neglect.
government needs to go to jail? 🤔

tell you whats value in jail drugs and tobbaco i know somebody who sold subetex in jail £100 each and used to sell 100 a week over 5 years he paid £2 each for them thats capitalism

Not only is the ramen valuable, but those little seasoning packets in them are a God send, due to the fact that ALL food in jail is completely devoid of flavor, everything on your tray typically tastes the same, flavorless, as if the ppl preparing it don't believe in using salt, those seasoning packets make meals a bit more edible, and are valuable too by themselves

Wait I used to go to a inner city elementary school & the company that gave us our food was Aramark. (I only know this bc they used to give us little toys with that name on it)

Ramen and cans of Mackerel.

Give a prisoner and tin of fish, a packet of noodles and an egg and he can make a 3 course dinner out of it.

Ramen and cans of Mackerel.

Give a prisoner and tin of fish, a packet of noodles and an egg and he can make a 3 course dinner out of it.

you should mentioned better that prison food isnt enough because the prisoners want to be on steroids all the time and carry 150% extra muscle around to life their gangster lifestyle

I spent a month in jail for doing something dumb one time, and while it was relatively easy there the one thing that was difficult was the food. I easily lost 15 lb in 1 month. The food they give you is basically enough to keep you from starving, not from being hungry. The one thing this video fails to mention is how much sweets like honey buns are also a currency. But ramen noodles are absolutely the foundation of basically every food group in any kind of Correctional Facility. It is basically a mild form of torture.

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