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Soldiers:  XRP-Price on
17.Dez2017 = 0,72$  … and ….  4.Jan2018 = 3,79$ ( More than 400 % in less
than three weeks, only by speculation) Now we have a real and great use case! I
think when the rocket is started, we see the 3,80$ faster than we could
imagine. Okay, we have a big resistance, but the people will search about XRP
and they will find all this vids and stuff about XRP and all their partners. I
think two digits is absolutely possible. But at the moment we are stuck in the
middle of nowhere at 0,29 $….  But no
doubt, it feels like you are at cape canaveral and you are looking with a
spyglass on the steaming boosters of a brand new rocket, glittering in the sun and
you know, that every moment you need sunglasses, because that baby will lift of…………….

I was able to tune in to a fair chunk of the livestream today between 6:00pm EST till around 7:00pm EST…then my tablet ran out of power 🙁 Then I ran out of power…so I went out for pizza 🙂 Regarding the crypto flashdrive/USB stick…there was an episode of Billions on Showtime in it's 4th season…where the chief executing trader working at this multi-billion dollar hedge fund company was cowarsed into accepting the blame on some trade that was investigated by the FCC or some group. Anyway…the executing trader knew he was only gonna get a slap on the wrist…and in exchange for covering for his boss (Bobby Axelrod of Axe Capital)…Bobby gave him $1,000,000 usd in crypto by handing him a memory stick/flashdrive. They referred to it as "a stick". They kinda gave off the vibe that a cool million in crypto on a flashdrive is commonly known as " a stick"…at least in their circles. Most definitely not in any of the circles I travel in…lol. Anyway…yeah it was funny that topic came up in the chat today. Too tired for words homie…barely able to crank out this message…gotta crash…talk soon brother.

I'm wondering about taxes. If XRP is defined as a commodity and is taxed that way, then is Ripple the company, going to have to pay taxes every time they move in and out from fiat? We all know the answer is no. They are not going to have to report every trade to the IRS. I wonder if it will be redefined as a currency at some point in the future. I haven't heard any youtubers discuss this. It is clearly a currency in my eyes. Curious your thoughts. Thanks for another great video Jayed.

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